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Starting a blog sounds super easy, create a website, choose a domain name, pick a pretty theme and start writing.  That’s all fine if you want to rant about a few things and get a few comments here and there but if you wan’t to eventually grow your blog, be successful, earn a living and gain a readership that is true to your niche then picking a domain name that makes sense yet says something about you is one of the most important things you will ever do when creating a blog.

Things To Think About When Naming Your Blog

  • Is your domain name easy for people to remember?
  • Does your blog name have some sort of resemblance to your niche or content you will be writing about?
  • Are you looking to turn your blog into a brand and make money from blogging? Is your domain name professional?
  • Does your domain name have appeal? Is it catchy? Will it drive people to be interested in your blog?
  • Is your domain name easy to spell? Will it look good on business cards?
  • How will your domain name appear to brands and companies?

When I first started blogging, I wanted a domain name that relates to me and something that I feel other moms can relate to.  I also wanted it to be catchy, slightly fun and easy to remember.  Since my blog is a lifestyle blog and I cover a number of topics mostly geared towards parents, the name seemed perfect.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when launching their website is to back into a domain name by adding hyphens and getting creative with spellings in order to find an available .com, I had this problem with my own domain name but luckily figured out something better.

Did You Know?

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