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I have three kids and to be honest, boys seem a lot harder to potty train than girls.  My son wasn’t fully toilet trained until 3 and a half, it took me around a year to finally figure out some tips and tricks to get him to learn that the toilet is where he should “do his business”.

My daughter will be two in January but she loves to take her clothes and diapers off, I can’t count the amount of time I have gone in her room when she wakes up in the morning to find her covered in that nasty brown stuff that we all don’t want to see, it’s not a pretty sight!

When my children start to take their diapers off, that screams to me “Potty Training Time”, although it’s not easy, it has to be done and it is totally worth it once they are fully trained!


This is my daughter Sophia, fresh out the bath with her rolls of Charmin, bought especially for her!  We all know kids go through toilet roll like it’s going out of fashion, well Charmin Ultra Soft has just resurfaced at Sams Club for a limited time!!

Follow these steps below to Potty Train like a Boss!


Step 1 – Make sure you have lots of super soft toilet paper!

Because potty training is messy, you will need a vast amount of toilet roll, when you run out it’s never a good thing!  Because Charmin has just resurfaced at Sams Club and contains an extra 1,000 sheets, this will come in handy for cleaning up mess and learning your kids to use toiler roll, visit  Sams Club and pick up the bonus pack of Charmin Ultra Soft! It’s only $22 and will last a very long time!


Step 2 – Make toilet training fun, not a chore!

When I first started potty training my son, he wasn’t interested, what did he get out of it?  I soon learned that I had to make things fun, decorate the bathroom, add some fun displays of toilet roll and if your kids have their own bathroom, add some cool accessories for the potty training season!  It makes things more interesting, my daughter now loves going to the bathroom and checking out all the cool stuff!

Step 3 – Entertainment

Toilet roll displays and cool looking decor might make kids want to visit the toilet, but if you want to keep them sitting whilst they are training and waiting to do their stuff, some good books and toys can do the trick and help keep them in place!

Step 4 – Praise

When my kids finally do their business, I make sure to praise them with “Well done!!! That’s amazing!”, that way they know they have done something right, something good and they soon learn that going potty is rewarded with praise and excitement!

Step 5 – Clean Up

As I am sure most of you know, cleaning the toilet is a nasty job but it has to be done, use your super large rolls of Charmin and clean up any mess in an instant, it’s also super soft for those little baby bottoms, so whatever happens, Charmin will have you covered.


Charmin is also fun to stack up too!

What are your favorite potty training tips?

Remember, potty training needs patience and with the right products and tools it can make life so much easier!

Don’t forget to visit your local Sam’s Club and stock up on Charmin Ultra Soft, remember it’s only back for a limited time!

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