This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks, Inc and Simply Orange Juice Company.

One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is entertain, every year I like to come up with some fun new cocktail ideas and pair them with the best snacks that will make most people happy!

For this recipe, I stopped by Sams Club and picked up some Simply Orange® and Member’s Marks Nuts.  When I’m entertaining, I love to have a range of different alcohol options, vodka being one of my favorites as it pairs beautifully with orange juice and a side of nuts is the perfect accompaniment (I love Member’s Marks Nuts because they are huge!),

I always love when cocktails are rimmed with sugar, I’m not a salty person so sugar is my go to for cocktails!  For this recipe you will need some vodka, Simply Orange® Juice and some sugar, it’s simple!

Start off by brushing around the side of your glass with Simply Orange® Juice.  Once you’ve done that dip the top of the glass into a small bowl of sugar and it will stick to the glass beautifully!

Pour a couple of shots of vodka into the glass (Or more if you’re feelin’ the groove!) then finish it off with some ice cubes and Simply Orange®.  It’s really that simple and it’s an easy cocktail recipe to share with you’re friends whilst entertaining!

I recommend a side of Member’s Marks Nuts as they pair great with Simply Orange® and of course, after a few vodkas, we all need a little something to snack on!

I love to shop at Sams Club for holiday drinks and snacks, they have everything I need to host the perfect night of entertaining! I love, love, love vodka and Simple Orange® Juice, it’s one of my old time favorites, but adding the sugar to make the glass look frosty makes it so much more fun and adds a little extra sweetness!

If you would like to try out this recipe for yourself, head over to your local Sams Club, pick up some Simply Orange® and Member’s Marks Mixed Nuts!