GeoFlux magically transforms from what looks like a series of rings into a wondrous 3-D sculpture that resembles a giant atom or an extra planetary orchid!


What’s more, when you insert your hand through the coils GeoFlux begins to spiral up and down your arms, spinning so fast it’s a blur of motion. GeoFlux can then “bridge” over to your other arm, staying in perpetual motion. A fantastic party trick and exercise tool, it “fluxes” easily from person to person. Or place GeoFlux on a broom handle, lower one end slightly, and watch as it moves along the shaft, twirling so rapidly it looks like a giant soap bubble. Constructed of one continuous band of rugged stainless steel, GeoFlux folds flat for easy storage in the included travel pouch.


This was interesting, when I first took Geoflux out of the bag, it didn’t spring open until I moved my hand a little, then it turned into a cool looking 3d ball like sculpture.  It took me a minute to get the hang of what it’s purpose was then I managed to swirl it around my arm which I thought was pretty cool.


I then let my son Dylan have a turn, it took him about 5 minutes of playing around with it before he finally got the hang of the arm thing then he passed it onto my arm, it really is like a magic trick!


Folding it up was tricky until I figured it out, I’m still not 100% sure if there is a trick to it but it seems like when i pushed in all the sides and cupped my hand it then folded into a smaller ball and collapsed into a flat circle.

Geoflux is interesting and also fun!  When I had it on my arm it spinned around like crazy. I thought that was pretty funny as I I have never seen a stainless steel object do that on my arm before, you can also roll it around, spin it and more.  Geoflux provides hours of entertainment and I think it would make a very unique Christmas gift!


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