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Are you a huge fan of the hunger games?  We recently had a little party with a few friends to celebrate the release of The Hunger Games Finale!  We caught up, ate some hunger games themed snacks and had a marathon with the previous movies!


If you know my husband, you will know he is obsessed with the hunger games trilogy, he has probably seen each movie around 5 times over!  In celebration, our guests got to enjoy watching Mocking Jay Part 1 and we had awesome times with balloons, food and more, the kids loved out little Hunger Games themed party.


We made some blood orange drinks and added them to “Throne like” glasses, the adults enjoyed some alcoholic beverages whilst the kids enjoyed the flame colored orange juice!


No what’s a Hunger Games party without some hot fries and salsa!  Everything to get your mouth watering whilst catching up on Hunger Games and getting excited over the finale!

If you have only read the Hunger Games Trilogy, I would totally recommend watching all the movies, seeing the story on the big screen just makes it so much more real, thrilling and exciting!

My husband and I saw all the movies on big screen in theatre, the sound effects and graphics are just amazing, they chose a great choice of characters and well nothing is better than feeling the movie come to life!

Now with salty party snacks, you also need some sweet ones, I didn’t want the kids getting too hyped up so we ended up with some smaller, less chocolatey snacks, but they are hunger games inspired and matched the theme of our little party perfectly!  The kids also had some fun tying these little snacks into arrow themed shapes!  When my son watches the Hunger Games he actually sits for the length of the movies without getting bored, the Hunger Games is one of the only movies he will actually sit through!


I am super excited about The Hunger Games Finale!  It’s coming out in theatres Friday November 20th!

Katniss embarks on a mission and is teamed up with her closest friends including Gale, Finnick and Peeta with the unit from District 13, they risk their lives to liberate the citizens of Panem and stage an assassination attempt on President Snow who has become increasingly obsessed with destroying her!  The mortal traps, enemies and moral choices that await Katniss will challenge her more than any arena she has faced before in The Hunger Games!

We all know how crazy trying to buy tickets gets when you try and purchase them on the day of the release, so it’s better to purchase them in advance to make sure you see the movie on the opening weekend!

Will you be having a girly night out to watch The Hunger Games finale?  Or will you be treating your family to a Hunger Games night out at the theatre? I am sad that this is the final installment but then again I am super excited to see it! Don’t forget to pick up your tickets as The Hunger Games Finale premiers this Friday November 20th!
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