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Ever since my son was a baby, he has suffered from occasional night terrors and as a parent it makes me feel helpless to hear my little boy screaming at night.  Sometimes when I go into his room to comfort him he will still be screaming as he is still dreaming and it’s super scary!

I always remember when I was a child, I woke up one night and my mom was holding me, she said I had been screaming for a while and I had no memory of it or why.  Night Terrors seem to run in my family, my daughter has also woken up screaming a couple of times.  My children sleep all night usually so when I hear them wake up in the middle of the night screaming it scares me and I just want to help them.


When I heard about a device called Lully Sleep Guardian 2, I was super excited to try it out and see if it can help with night terrors once and for all!


Lully Sleep Guardian 2 is a little pod that you plug in and place underneath your childs mattress, it gives off vibrations automatically, so when night terrors happen it stops them and it helps both you as a parent and your child get a good nights sleep.

You can control Lully Sleep Guardian 2 with the app (only available on Phone and Ipad), you can track your childs sleep patterns and help Lully Sleep Guardian 2 learn and get smarter, so if my child wakes up to use the rest room I note that down etc.


I have been testing out Lully Sleep Guardian 2 for a couple of weeks now and I am happy to report that my son has had no night terrors, he usually has around one each week.  I am so happy to have found a device that helps with night terrors, I don’t think this issue is discussed enough or taken seriously enough and this is why I love what Lully Sleep Guardian 2 has come up with.


Lully Sleep Guardian 2 is proven to work and if it doesn’t? Well they have a 30 day money back guarantee, but from my own personal experience, Lully Sleep Guardian 2 will be your new best friend.

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