So, I have my about page, my reviews, my witty comments and post about some serious stuff on the odd occasion but I never really post about myself, who am I?  What questions do I regularly get asked?

Random Facts

  • I lived in Scotland for 23 years, I still have an accent but it’s not as strong as it used to be, America has taken that out of me.
  • I met my husband online, he was in the Army at the time, we spoke online for almost 2 years then he flew me over and we got married just after 30 days together, it’s now been 6 years.
  • I had a natural birth with my son, but I was on the highest amount of pain meds you can imagine, I am as unnatural in that aspect as you will ever get.
  • I had an elective C Section with my daughter,  I’m not sure exactly what brought on that thought but that’s what I wanted and It was so much easier and less painful than a regular birth.
  • I formula fed both of my children (Shock, Horror?) and I fully support formula feeding the same way I respect breastfeeding.
  • I have been a web designer for about 8 years now, I make blog layouts and I love my job, just as much as I love blogging.
  • I lived in Tennessee for 4 years, it was far too hot for my cold British bones.
  • I used to drink far too much coffee but I am now down to 2 cups per day and occasionally an afternoon pick me up.
  • I was a natural blonde up until about 12 years old then life happened.
  • My parents split up when I was 3 years old, yet then never filed for divorce.
  • Some of my favorite TV Shows include The Walking Dead (love Carol and Daryl), Desparate Housewives (I’ve watched it 5 times), Prison Break, Lost, Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars and Orange is the New Black.
  • I love rock music, dance music, country music and a little bit of Jazz when I need some quiet time.
  • My husband is from Florida.
  • I am not religious, but I do believe in god and the bible.
  • I am an only child.


Food – Garden Salad, Indian food, Smoothies and anything from Olive Garden.

Color – Pink

Movie – 50 First Dates and Big Hero 6

Drink – Water and Coffee

Chocolate Bar – Dairy Milk and the British stuff.

Restaurant – Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Outback Steakhouse, Chilis.

Fast Food – McDonalds, Panda Express and Chic-Fil-A (I am heartbroken that they don’t have Chic-Fil-A up North!)

Vacation – Anywhere with sun, sand and a beach, oh and Disney!

Music – Country and Rock

Alcohol – Beer, it’s the only thing I can handle since having kids.

Pet Peeves

  • Driving Under the speed limit when the weather is just fine.
  • People who drive directly behind me, if I can’t see your headlights you are too close.
  • Minivans, I just don’t like one and I refuse to buy one, even with 3 kids.
  • Talking on your cellphone whilst driving.
  • Dog Hairs
  • Forks scraping off plates.
  • Loud chewing.