This beautiful Ceramic Knife Set from Good Cooking is a better alternative to stainless steel. They feature soft touch handles and are perfectly balanced and a pleasure to use. Unlike stainless steel, these knives won’t rust or corrode. The ultra sharp blade can go months or years without sharpening and they are dishwasher safe.


This knife set is gorgeous and very stylish, they are super sharp, my husband managed to slit his finger open slightly by barely touching the blade (he is my test dummy).  The ceramic cuts through things very easily.  We have used these to open boxes, cut steaks, cut open fruit and more over the past few weeks and they are just as sharp as when we first received them which is awesome!


I definitely prefer ceramic over steel because there is just no way they will rust.  The knife holder is very stylish too and the knives fit in the slots perfectly.  If you prefer not to use the knife holder you can also fold it up and store it somewhere.  The price for these knives is only $29.95 and for the quality of the knives and the ceramic detail, this is a great deal!


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