Groovy Lab In a Box who kindly sent me their box to review is a fun STEM learning subscription box that is not only fun but will help your child learn, create and invent different things!

STEM is a great way of learning, if you are unsure what STEM is here is what it means – STEM•ist /stĕmʹĭst/ n. Expert in applying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Explorer, creator, inventor…STEMist! 

Groovy Lab in a Box was created to give children the opportunity to focus their imagination, determination and inquisitive nature to complete NGSS based STEM projects using the engineering design process.


Groovy Lab in a Box Review

Website –

Price – $26.95 Month or less with longer subscriptions.  Single boxes are also available too if you just want to try it out!

Groovy Lab in a box has all the materials needed to learn about and do hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments.  The box is recommended for children aged 8+ 

There is also a special online learning portal for subscribers!

Every month there is a Lab Notebook included that provides information on the current months topic and gives your child the ability to perform investigative activities and document each of their findings!  This months theme was “Slingshots”.



The Projects

1The first activity was to make a small slingshot with a small box, spoon, glue dot and rubber band.

First we closed the box tightly, then attached a glue dot to the back of the spoon.  Then we attached the small cup to the glue dot and attached the spoon to the box with the rubber band.

After it was all set up you can add some of the cotton balls or pretty much anything you like!  Pull the spoon back and away they go!

This one got pulled apart quickly with Dylan playing with it, but he is only 3 and a half so I think aged 8 plus or maybe even a little younger is a good age for these kind of activites!

2The next activity included a ball, cup and balloon.  This was fairly easy!  Cut the end off the balloon, wrap it around the cup, tie the balloon at the bottom then have some fun!

You put the ball inside the cup, pull down the tie at the bottom of the balloon and it hits the cup making the ball sling out!  The whole family had some fun with this one and I had no idea you could actually create such a thing with just a cup and balloon!


The next activity I ended up making, It was pretty fun putting all the pieces together!  This activity included chopsticks, masking tape a wooden spoon and a rubber band.  You put the chopsticks together with masking tape so that they make a pyramid, attach the rubber band then place the spoon inside it.  Add something to the spoon, pull it back and sling!

The Fun


There were also a set of kids cool science glasses included, Dylan loved them!

My Thoughts

My husband, Dylan and Myself had a lot of fun with all the activities included and not only is this a great learning experience, it’s a great way to spend some time together!  Paul doesn’t usually like kids crafty things and he’s not very big on learning, he is more of the fun one and I think it’s great that he enjoyed this too!

Dylan is a bit young for most of the activities but once they were all built up and put together he loved his little slingshot, especially the cup and balloon one!

Since this box is recommended for ages 8 and over I think the activities included are perfect for that age group.  Nothing is too complicated, there are lots of instructions included, the Lab notepad  is a great way for kids to keep track of everything they have learned and the whole STEM learning experience is a fun, interesting and imaginative!

If you would like to find out more about Groovy Lab in a Box or sign up Click here!  Don’t forget to use the coupon code GROOVYNOW20 for 20% off your subscription!