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Up until a few years ago, I never thought about using probiotics then I found out just how beneficial they can be, not just for me but for my whole family. Probiotics help promote good gut health and put good bacteria back into your digestive system that in return can help with your immune system, weight management, digestive problems and they can even help your skin.

I’ve been trying out LoveBug Products these last few weeks and I’m already feeling a little better in my overall health than I did a few ago.

What Are LoveBug® Probiotics?

  • LoveBug® Probiotics is a premium line of award-winning probiotics for the whole family
  • With a patented delivery technology, LoveBug® Probiotics are 15x more effective in delivering the microorganisms to the digestive tract than other leading probiotics
  • LoveBug® Probiotics were developed by a mom for moms
  • Rooted in science, LoveBug Probiotics were developed in partnership with internationally recognized doctors and scientists
  • LoveBug® created the first staged probiotic for babies specifically designed to support their developing microbiomes

We have been trying out 3 types of probiotics that LoveBug offers, they have probiotoics for the whole family!

Adult Probiotics – Here’s The Skinny™

  • With a proprietary blend of eight probiotic strains, Here’s the Skinny repopulates your microbiome to streamline digestive function, quell sensitive stomachs, improve energy levels and elevate mood

Kids Probiotics Ages 4+ Little Ones™

  • Little Ones probiotic is formulated to populate kids’ guts with beneficial bacteria which is critical for their lifelong physical health and mental well-being

For smaller kids – Tiny Tummies™

  • Tiny Tummies is the first line of staged probiotics for babies and toddlers, specifically designed to support their developing microbiomes. Tiny Tummies are multi-strain formulations that include the #1 most clinically studied strain L. GG and the super strain for babies, B. infantis.
  • Tiny Tummies (12 months – 4 years)

By the age of three, a child’s microbiome already resembles that of an adult. Tiny Tummies probiotic packets are designed to help parents promote the foundation of a healthy microbiome, which can help a child’s developing digestive system grow healthy and have a positive influence on his or her health for years to come.

It’s safe to say I LOVE LoveBug Probiotics (No pun intended).  They are the first brand of probiotics I have ever tried out and I’m already feeling the positive effects.  The Tiny Tummies probiotics are perfect for mixing with water since little ones don’t usually swallow pills and I love the way they have been made and thought out!

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