I like to think of myself as a “cool mom”, one that has lots of fun with her kids, one that’s not afraid to try new things and I love getting sporty with my family, we are constantly pushing ourselves to try new things, after all we only live once.  I saw a lot of Hoverboards for sale last year but never got around to trying one out, so just recently I partnered with Halo Board, when I try something new, I like to start with the best and the best Hoverboard on the market is Halo Rover, now I’m not just saying that, it really is, we tested out the Halo Rover for one month and although I still sort of suck at it, I found Halo Rover to be high quality, well made and guess what? It won’t catch on fire.


It’s taken me a while to figure out how to stay balanced on a hover board but that’s part of the fun!  I started practicing outside on the grass, I fell off a lot so I had that soft landing, my husband figured it out pretty fast.  The Halo Rover app lets you adjust the speed and more, it makes controlling a hover board easier to figure out as you have a lot of different options.

When I first checked out Halo Rover, I was surprised at how heavy it was, I could just tell by the weight, design, wheels and functionality that Halo Rover is a high end hover board.  Halo Rover is guaranteed indestructible, with an aluminium board, halo wings and 8.5 inch tires.  This board has been outside, inside and even on the sand with us, it’s held up perfect.


The plates also light up with LED lights giving Halo Rover and ultra cool look and making sure you can be seen in the dark, you can even track your GPS location and play music on it whilst you are using it. The UL Certified LG Lithium Ion battery makes Halo Rover charge up fast and good! There is a charger included with Halo Rover and it doesn’t take long to charge back up.

Halo Rover is recommended for people ages 7 and upwards, my son Dylan is desperate to try it out so he has something to look forward to in about a year when he will turn 7.  The weight limit is 44lbs to 260lbs and the battery life lasts up to 2 hours!


Halo Rover is also water resistant which works great for us as it rains SO much here and since the holidays are coming up we will be using Halo Rover a lot and working on our new hover board learning experience.  For us it really is a learning experience and it’s going to provide us with a whole lot of fun!  It has a speed of up to 9mph, I haven’t gotten that fast yet but I am working on it!

Do you know someone who would LOVE a hover board this Christmas?  Halo Rover is one of a kind, it’s genuinely the best hover board on the market and the only one that I can completely recommend.  The carry case is super handy and the design, functionality, fun and learning experience that comes out of owning a hover board is priceless!

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Disclosure: A huge thank you to Halo Board for providing us with a Halo Rover to test out, all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.