Disclosure: Thank you to Bright Time Buddies for providing me with a product to feature, all opinions are my own.

Both my son and daughter sleep around 12 hours straight at night time, but they love a little light to so they can see and it helps soothe them to sleep so it’s not complete darkness!


Bright Time buddies are a night light that you can take with you, anywhere you like!  In the car, at bedtime, on vacations, they are a buddy for your kids and will always be there!

They are super easy to use, just click once and they turn on, the colors rotate from blue to yellow to green!  With a second click, it will stay just one colors, I recommend blue for bedtime, it’s soothing!


There are a total of 6 beautiful little creatures to collect, so if your child has a preference there are lots of choices!

The body is soft and squeezable so it can be hugged to sleep!  The colors aren’t bright so it makes the perfect night time companion for falling asleep, soothing and relaxing and not overstimulating!

What’s cool is that you can collect them all and have 6 different Bright Time Buddies!

These would make a perfect gift for any child this holiday season!

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