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My son Dylan has always loved reading books, but what we find works even better is reading that he can listen too and also interact with.

Dylan was out of preschool for a while until we found him a new one and now he only goes 3 days a week and we have been using Rosetta Stone Kids Reading program to help further his education at home.

Just before my son turned 3, he had a slight speech delay, then he started preschool and now he never stops talking.  He is still a little behind when it comes to rhyming and other aspects of learning but he seems to pick them up really fast.

Rosetta Stone Kids Reading is designed to help children ages 3-7 get a jump-start on their education by developing core literacy skills in an engaging and effective way.  Rosetta Stone partnered with literacy experts at Lexia Learning to create the Kids Reading Program. More than 47% of U.S. children are below grade-level reading.


We have been using Rosetta Stone for a few weeks now and as soon as I sat down with my son and showed him how to use the program he was hooked!  He loves technology and he loves anything he can interact with.

When you first start using Rosetta Stone Kids Reading a screen pops up and introduces your child to all of the characters, which I thought was great because Dylan likes to know who and what things are, he also familiarizes himself with the characters each time he uses the program.

In the first set of applications there is a lot to learn and many different steps to go through.


One of the apps, which is Dylans favorite so far is listening to how a word sounds such as “Map” and matching it with the word that sounds the same, such as “cap”.  It took Dylan a few tries to get the hang of this but now he is has completed all of the levels and he loves getting stars every time he gets the answer correct!


I myself am loving this program too, I love that I can help Dylan along the way and also check his progress in the parents report screen.  I am certainly no teacher and I am not the most patient person when it comes to reading or trying to keep my son on the topic of what he is learning but with Rosetta Stone I do not have this problem!  The apps keep Dylan engaged, focused and he absolutely loves using it.  When it comes to letting my children use technology for learning I am all for it, my son has learned SO much.


There are many other apps and another interesting one is clicking on the correct image that matches the part of the poem.  Dylan is still getting the hang of this but with every try, I see a big improvement and he has also been talking about “Humpty Dumpty”.


Each app has many different levels and once a certain level is completed you move onto the next or if you like you can go over the previous one.  Once all of the applications have been completed you can move onto the next set of ponds, Dylan hasn’t got quite this far yet but when he does I know it will be another exciting learning adventure for him!

As a parent, I am so happy to have learned about Rosetta Stone Kids Reading, it is a great educational resource for my son to interact with and he won’t get bored with it anytime soon!

If you would like to try out Rosetta Stone Kids Click Here and get a free demo download for the first level!