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Every year my kids ask for the same old stuff for Christmas, this year I am excited to give them something different, something new and something that will teach them about giving!  My husband and I are usually Black Friday shoppers, that’s where we normally pick up a truck full of toys and other fun things that we know they will love. We also like to donate to a local toy foundation for kids because the holidays aren’t just about presents for ourselves and our family, it’s a time to be happy and a time to give to others too!

This year we’ve took a unique approach on what they’ll get from the big bearded man, it will be different but they are going to love it and we didn’t do our usual Black Friday shop this year either!  I want to show you some products that we received in a recent BabbleBoxx, I think they are unique and different to our usual toy haul!

Vince Camuto Kids Pietra Studded Ballet Flats

To say I am obsessed with these shoes is an understatement, they are ADORABLE, sparkly and perfect for any little princess! If they made these shoes in adult size I would totally rock them 😉  My daughter calls these her “Sparkle Shoes” because the sparkles are just full of awesomeness and glamour! These shoes would be perfect for holiday photos, family gatherings, parties and for just spoiling your favorite little girl!

Not only are these ballet flats beautiful, my daughter wants to wear them all the time because they are SUPER comfy! These are perfect for little girls who love glitter, pink and sparkles, they are also designer inspired and adorned with beautiful pyramid studs!  The best thing about the Girls Pietra Stuffed Ballet Flat? My daughter can just slip them on and go!

Click Here to check them out and pick up a pair for your little princess!

Candlewick Press: The Wonderling by Mira Bartok

The Wonderling is such a whimsical tale about an institution run by evil Miss Carbunkle.  She wants the youngsters to exist only to suffer and serve, most of the children are forbidden to have anything regular children have even though they love singing and music! But this book isn’t all bad, it will take you on a magical journey and you will just need to read it to find out more! It reminds of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, it’s nothing similar storywise but the characters and the way it lets my imagination be used is just like it! My kids loved the story, it’s filled with adventure and friendship and it’s a great read that will have your little ones imagination going!

Click Here to learn more about this unique holiday gift (Use coupon code CANDLEWICK for 25% off and free shipping)! 

WowWee Magnaflex

I’m already a huge fan of ANYTHING made by WowWee, their stuff is the coolest and really inspires kids and adults to be creative and have fun together as a family! Magnaflex are funny magnetic strips, you can pretty much build anything you imagine, my kids made necklaces then we got down to making some other stuff.

I would recommend this to any parents who want their children to learn a little more about how magnets work and really use their imagination in a creative way!  The strips are also bright and colorful and if the whole family gets together you can make some pretty neat stuff!

Click Here to learn more about Magnaflex!

Helio: Night Light System

This night light is absolutely NO ordinary one, it comes with an amazing soothign projection system and a bunch of different slides so your kids can learn whilst they fall asleep! Each slide has creative lessons plans which illuminate and turn your childs room into a wonderland!

My son loves this, he wants me to play every slide at night before he goes to sleep, he likes going through each one and he’s earned quite a bit since we got this!

Click Here to pick up a Helio: Night Light System and use coupon code LearningLight to get a second one for only $34.95!

Viv + Lou: Duffel bag

The holidays aren’t just about the kids right? Treat Yo’ Self and pick up something beautiful and pretty that you can store all of your essentials in and more! I’m in love with the Viv + Lou Duffel Bag, It’s bright, it’s colorful and the pattern is on point! You can’t go wrong with pretty flowers and a huge bag to take with you to the gym, beach, travelling and anywhere your heart desires!

The duffel bag is gorgeous and comes with zippers to store extra stuff, there is also a larger strap that you can attach so you can put it over your shoulder and go.  The shoulder strap is also comfy too and I’ll be using this for theme park visits to carry around everything myself and the kids need!

Click Here to treat yo’ self with a Viv + Lou Duffel Bag and use coupon code COFFEEMOM for 25% OFF!

PEZ Christmas Ornaments

You can never go wrong with PEZ, my kids LOVE the holiday ornament, it’s definitely a twist on your boring old Christmas tree ornament, PEZ sure livens it up and gives the kids a treat to look forward to!

Although this didn’t stay on our tree for long as my kids couldn’t wait to open it, we sure had fun decorating the tree (they make great stocking stuffers too!

Click Here to pick up a cute PEZ ornament!

Petlanthropy: Donation Gift Cards

I’m all about giving back over the holidays and not just to people, pets need love too!  A Petlanthropy gift card is the perfect way to donate to an animal shelter of your choice and projects that you care about!

You can apply the value of your gift card to any of the donation packages and if you know someone who feels strongly about helping animals, you can gift them a card so they can make their own donation!

Click Here and give back over the holidays and throughout the year!

I always love opening up a BabbleBoxx and learning about new and exciting products, this box was one of my favorites so far and I love sharing these wonderful gift ideas with you all!