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Potty Training my son has been one big, long, stressful and frustrating journey, since my son was 2 we have been trying to potty train him, failed, given up and started all over again.  We recently started using Huggies Pull-Ups just over 6 months ago and we have also been using their cool potty training app and joined the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy!

Some of the things I have learned whilst potty training my son is that he will  learn when he is ready, all you can do is assist in the process, be patient, use Pull-Ups and be consistent. Never, ever feel like you need to punish a child for going potty in the wrong place, it will only make them less willing to co-operate, children like to feel some sense of control.

I also started taking my son to the store and letting him pick out some treats, I by no means like to use bribery as an option but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.  Once my son did his business on the toilet he got a treat, we used the potty training app from the Big Kid Academy to track his progress.  The app also has cool games which we would also let him play with once he went potty successfully, he loves the Ipad and although we try to limit his time on it, the games are a great reward.


Pull-Ups come in many different sizes and have lots of cool characters such as Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Cars and more!  Just the design alone makes Dylan think they are “cool”!


You can peel the sides off incase any “accidents” occur which makes that sort of mess much easier to clean.  The waistband is stretchy and comfortable which makes it easy for a child to remove the diaper if they want to go potty on their own, this is my favorite feature, mainly because Dylan didn’t know how to remove regular diapers before we started using Pull-Ups.


Dylan will be 4 in December (which is why I usually refer to him as 4) and he is wearing the 4T – 5T Pull Ups, they are a perfect fit and he can easily take them on and off when he needs to go potty, just over the past week something amazing happened, he takes them off, every single time he needs to go potty now and I can safely say he is toilet trained!  I still keep Pull-Ups handy for long trips or “Just In case” but the potty training app and Pull-Ups have helped my family so much in this long process!

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