The man cave, It’s a place where a guy can escape, unwind, watch sports, a domain where he has total control. Tech is almost always the major player in any man cave, so I wanted to suggest a few of my favorite ideas to turn a regular mancave into the “Ultimate Mancave”.

My husband is a guy who needs his own space for all his stuff, he loves the technical things, video games, remote control cars and of course video games!

A large TV is a must have, how on earth would he play his video games on a tiny little screen?  Since we just moved into our new home, he has half the downstairs floor for all his stuff and we are looking for ideas to make his mancave awesome!

Sit Closer to the Action with 4K Ultra HD



The 4K Ultra HD TV is great for pimping up any sort of mancave, my husband can get closer to the action and of course have a much bigger and better screen to play his video games on!

We split the bills in our house and sometimes it bugs me that he gets to use the TV more than me, he likes to watch a lot of shows and when he gets a new video game he only moves to shower and eat for about a week, unless he is at college, so this would be a great asset for his Mancave!

Create a robot fight club


Man Cave GIF 7 Large

When Pauls friends are over they love to be silly and hang out, play with remote controlled things and generally just have fun!  They are all into the robotic type stuff, every type of robot I get, he ends up stealing it from me. him and his friends check them out.  A robot fight club would keep them amused for hours and be a good addition to his mancave!  Maybe when their robots are fighting I can watch his 4K Ultra HD TV, Sounds like a plan.

Best Buy has so many awesome products and with the holiday season coming up, some man cave additions may just be a great gift for you significant other!

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