K Cups and things are great, quick, easy and give you a coffee kick but there is nothing as good as the flavor of freshly ground coffee beans being added to a french press, filtered beautifully then ready to drink.

So here we go!

Step 1

Pick your coffee beans of choice, there are hundreds of great coffee bean companies out there who send them fresh and straight to your door!

Step 2

Grind your beans in a coffee grinder, manual or electric, the choice is yours!

Step 3

Add your freshly ground coffee beans to a Sumatra Dream French Press.


Now using a french press is easy, the reason I recommend this one is because it’s easier to use, elegantly made and makes up to 6 cups of coffee (Depending on your cup size).

Add your coffee granules to the bottom, press down onto them with the filter, then add your boiling water, let the water soak up the flavor.

Once your coffee is a nice dark brown color, pour it into your cup and enjoy, (adding cream or sugar is optional!).

The Sumatra French Press also works with loose leaf tea and the 3 part mesh filter keeps the granules in the french press and out of your cup!

The seal on the screen is tight, for grind free coffee, to help extract your coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors.

I absolutely love this french press!  Click Here to pick it up on amazon!

Disclosure: Coffee for Mom received a product to test out, all opinions are my own.