More and more couples prefer to spend the most important day in their life abroad. The main reason for this is the desire to make a wedding unusual, original and memorable. It allows you to relax and feel the atmosphere of the holiday. This is due to the fact that you have nothing that is associated with everyday life, work and stress when you are in another city or even the country. Let’s figure out: where, how and how much costs the organization a wedding ceremony abroad.

Wedding abroad: how much is it?

So the cost of a wedding abroad depends on:

  •         The price of tickets to the chosen place;
  •         Period of stay at the hotel;
  •         The cost of the transfer to the hotel;
  •         Expenses on food;
  •         Additional cost;

Prices for the festive event also directly depend on the tourist season in the country where you plan to legalize your relationship.

Decide on the destination

The most common variant is a wedding at the resort or in some romantic castle. According to the statistics, the most popular beach destinations are Cuba, Dominican Republic, Greece, Mauritius, Seychelles, India, and Thailand. Czech Republic, Italy and Slovenia are very popular cities that are relatively cheap for such events and countries with a simplified visa regime.  

Calculate the time period: you have to plan a wedding abroad in advance!

It is necessary to plan a wedding abroad in advance since preparation usually takes at least two to three months. Plus, it is better to have a couple of weeks in reserve – in the case of force majeure, like visa delays.

Think about the details of the celebration and find the right people who will help you

A makeup for a wedding, a hairstyle, a dress, a photo and a video shoot, etc. – all this have to be organized also in advance. It is better to look for specialists on foreign websites, wedding forums, blogs or social networks. And don’t worry if there are problems with knowledge of foreign languages: in all countries, that are attractive for weddings, live and work many of your compatriots, those who travel regularly, making money on trips and offering their services. Dresses, accessories should be taken from home as it is difficult to find all of this on the spot, and it’s better to think about everything beforehand.

Wedding abroad: the pros and cons

First, let’s talk about the undoubted advantages such weddings.

  •         Impression. This is the first and main advantage that attracts all couples. You can get unforgettable impressions, see what you have been dreaming of and at the same time combine it all with a beautiful wedding day. Your wedding will always be associated with wonderful memories and happiness.
  •         There are no uninvited guests. It often happens that there are people whom you don’t wait on an ordinary wedding: distant relatives or not very close friends. There will be only those people whom you personally invited to a wedding abroad.
  •         There will be no wedding bustle. Not all couples like a crowd of people who are fussing and want to congratulate. Newlyweds can feel like strangers on their own holiday. A wedding abroad is devoid of such problems.

A wonderful holiday abroad may have some drawbacks.

  •     Difficulties in preparation. You may worry about the fact that a wedding will be organized at a great distance, in a foreign country.
  •         Not all guests will come. It’s a plus for someone, and for someone – it is a minus. Some people dream of seclusion, but if you want to share this day with close people, be prepared for the fact that they will not be able to come.
  •         Disappointment in a honeymoon. A honeymoon may not seem so terrific after such an amazing wedding.

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