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It’s almost time for game day and I love to be prepared for all the fun and socializing that’s ahead!  A lot of our friends are big on game day and we always get invited over for some beers and food.  Even though we aren’t hosting a game day party we like to look good and be prepared to see all of our friends and hang out, have good food and drink lots of the good stuff!

Most days, I don’t even have time to put make up on, I’m running errands, taking kids to school, picking them up, working and all that usual stuff busy moms do!

When game day comes around, I have my own traditions that are all about me, taking care of myself and looking like I actually put some effort in!  It’s important for my own sanity to actually take care of myself and look great sometimes!

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Walmart is my go to place for game day, it has everything I need, food, beauty products, cleaning products, the works!


Mascara goes a long way!

Even if I don’t have the time for a full blown out make up session, a little bit mascara is a must! I like to look nice when I am talking to people and socializing with friends and the first thing people usually look at is your eyes! I received a sample of Covergirl LashBlast Mascara a while ago and loved it so I was excited to receive another one!


COVERGIRL LashBlast Mascara

  • Available in three collections
  • 100% more volume  (available in regular or waterproof)
  • COVERGIRL’s biggest brush ever
  • Clump Crusher (available in regular or water resistant)
  • Fusion (available in regular or water resistant)
  • 100% more volume and length, Fuller, more dramatic lashes and an oversized brush!


Shaving like it’s not winter

I am one of those people who forget to shave my legs twice a week in winter, more often than not I forget for a couple of weeks, gross right?  But I always remember when game day is coming out, I certainly do not want to head out with fuzzy legs!

Gillette Fusion Proglide

My husband has used these razors for years and I usually steal them for myself, seriously the best razors ever!!

  • FlexBall Technology for maximum contact
  • Precision trimmer on the back for accurate edging
  • Gillette’s thinnest, finest razor blades for less tug and pull
  • Enhanced Lubrastrip for smooth glide


Keeping those teeth clean before and after game day!

It’s important for me to have a pearly white smile, floss regularly and make sure my breath doesn’t stink!  Even after game day is over, think about all those tasty snacks you are packing in and how it affects your teeth, a great toothbrush is a must!

Oral B Vitality

  • Round brush removes more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush
  • MicroPulse bristles clean between teeth
  • Two-minute timer
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Indicator bristles fade when it’s time to replace your brush head


Toothpaste that works great!

Having a great toothbrush is one thing, but you also need a good toothpaste to work with it!

Crest Prohealth Advanced Toothpaste

  • Advance to Healthier Gums and Stronger Teeth from day 1*

*vs ordinary toothpaste with continued use. Starts fighting plaque and protecting enamel form Day 1.

preparing for game day

How do you prepare for game day?  Click Here to learn more about Game day traditions!

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