Disclosure: I attended the #ZootopiaEvent, all expenses including travel and accommodation were covered, all opinions are 100% my own.

On my recent trip to Disney, I got a chance to attend a group interview with the gorgeous Jason Bateman!  He is the voice behind the funny and sarcastic Fox “Nick Wilde” in the movie Zootopia, I got a chance to screen this movie which I will be talking about in a later post.


To say I was excited about being in the same room as Jason Bateman is an understatement, I was ecstatic!  In person, Jason Bateman is just as funny and nice as I would have expected, not to mention gorgeous, but I managed to control my crush throughout the interview!


Jasons take on his first animated film

For all intents and purposes, this my first and it’s a really interesting process because, you know, as an actor you can say your line and then you’ve got your face and your body language and everything to kind of contribute to the whole thing. With this, obviously you just have your voice to use and then you hope that the animators that you pass that line reading off to are going to make the character do something that either supports what you’ve done or offset it or juxtapose it. It’s kind of a cocktail to make somebody laugh with something, you don’t realize how many little components there are. I don’t mean to sound like some kind of a comedy scientist but we all do it, you know. When you tell a joke or a story there’s inflection and then there is facial gestures and it’s a pretty strange thing to just hope that the rest of the recipe gets cooked in the right way. So it is an exciting thing to be a part of.

Jasons mindset on going into a roll like this, as a dad

It’s very, very cool to be leaving home to do a job that I can prove that I was actually doing, It didn’t show that way with the other stuff and then knowing that they are going to see it. I have two little girls, nine and four, knowing that they are going to see it, it gives you pride. It’s the only movies that I see now that we all know, like when a kid movie comes out, you have to take them and you just hope that it’s good. If it’s not good, you are still buying a ticket to it and you still have to sit there. You just might catch a little nap, you know? With this one there won’t be any napping cause’ there is this company that is so good at, at braiding some stuff in there for us that whether it be thematic or just with the jokes, there’s always some kind of that parallel lane of satisfaction for the adults.

In this one there are some really great issues and teams that I don’t know if my nine year old really picks up on, some of the nuance and sophistication of kind of these heady, highbrow issues in there yet, but I’ll bet you some of it kind of permeates, and when the coin finally does drop, maybe when she’s another year older or something when we are watching it for the 20th time at home as we all buy it again when it comes on.

It is a nice tool for me as a dad to talk about like in this film racism or xenophobia or fear mongering or bullying. When I have a character that I can pause and I can say, okay, you see how that hippopotamus kind of like gave a look to the _____ , so it kind of makes the medicine go down a little bit easier and it makes it a little less ominous for them to kind of broach these subjects. It’s a nice tool for me as a parent, I like that.

How does Jason relate to Mr and Mrs Hopps as a parent?

Can I relate to those parents? If you mean the fact that they are concerned for their daughter going to the big city then yeah!I mean if you’re like me, you hope and pray that you’re not going to be the kind of parent that when they are allowed to and should leave the house that you are going to be paralyzed with this fear that ugh. I have another nine years left at least with Francesca to get myself ready to be confident that she has got a good enough decision maker on her shoulders to go out there and navigate the inevitable challenges that, I mean, think about all the stuff that you guys have been exposed to that your parents never dreamed that you would be and you being good people didn’t really willingly get into dangerous situations but it just happens.

So, I am really trying to be okay with the fact that I can’t keep her in a bubble and I can’t control her her whole life, the only kind of peace that I can give myself is that I am confident that she knows how to make good decisions so that is my job. I will keep working hard to build her as good a car as possible so she can drive through it okay, you know?


Zootopia is at theaters on march 4th!