The “Soul of a Mountain ” CD (and download) is a soothing collection of original melodies featuring beautifully arranged acoustic guitars, piano, strings and flutes.  Each song has its own unique sound, yet the relaxing tone of the CD remains fluid throughout the entire album. The tempo is ideal for healing and is often used for meditation, massage, reiki and yoga.

It’s also a wonderful way to drift off to sleep. Beautiful and inspiring, “Soul of a Mountain” can also kick your creativity into high gear, as well as to make more mundane chores less stressful and to seem more like an “afternoon meditation”.  Long drives pass quickly and dishes seem to wash themselves.   Artists and writers have found that it creates just the right ambience for creative thinking
If you’re feeling a little stressed, can’t fall asleep, or just need a little background inspiration, “Soul of a Mountain” is a relaxing get-away that will renew and invigorate your spirit.

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A free download for “Tradewinds”, from Jeff’s CD “Escapes”

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