AROMATA lavender oil comes from Bulgaria, where climate and untainted fields are ideal for growing and harvesting lavender. Theye use the lavandula angustifolia plant, the type of lavender known to produce some of the finest-quality lavender essential oils. AROMATA lavender oil is all natural, organic and purity tested to ensure that nothing has been added and the product you are using is 100%-pure essential oil.

Lavender oil is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils , making it a wonderful staple to have around the house. Boasting a sweet, refreshing, fruity and floral aroma, lavandula angustifolia oil is known for its relaxing qualities. Breathe in the aroma and experience soothing, sedative effects useful for everything from getting the kids to sleep to setting a calm tone in a room to easing neck tension and calming stress and anxiety.

Topically, diluted lavender oil can be used to treat skin conditions or irritations such as dermatitis, rashes, small cuts or wounds and sunburn or other burns. It can help minimize scarring and stretch marks, helping skin bounce back to normal quickly, and can relieve dry and sensitive skin.

Lavender oil is also a wonder therapy during allergy and cold season. Since essential oils are highly concentrated and each skin type reacts differently to them, it’s recommended to dilute essential oils with carrier oils, such as almond, coconut, jojoba, grape seed, olive oils. Etc.


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