I am always on the go but always have so much to do on my blog and my web design business, WriteRight lets you keep up to track with your latest writing and you can do it directly from the app!


I am pretty obsessed with this app, it’s not like autocorrect, it keeps you up to date with the correct meanings and if you are stuck for a word you will probably find it no problem.


When writing you can also print out your document, open it on different platforms and even email it to someone which is great if you are out of town and have business letters or essays to send out.  I love the copy feature, I can copy everything which I have written then add it to my blog.


The app also has great options for categorizing your notes and what you have written up, you can write as little or as much as you want then save it.


The main thing is you can access your documents right away by clicking on the documents tab, if you accidentally delete a document you can find it again by clicking the Trash tab.

If you are working on a few documents at the same time, just visit the recently opened tab and it will open up your most recent docs.

This is a great app for bloggers, people who work on the go and generally anyone who loves and needs to write!

WriteRight is available for Apple devices, it can be found in the App store!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.