Living in a house with 3 kids and a husband can be overwhelmingly messy sometimes, it seriously gets crazy in my house and it takes me forever to clean.  I recently got a chance to try out the Eureka Brushroll Clean Vacuum and I just have to say, it is awesome, not only for vacuuming up the mess my kids make but it is also great if you have a pet.

Common things around my house that are an everyday hassle are food crumb, straw wrappers, hair and dirt from my husbands shoes, it’s necessary for me to have a great vacuum so I was super excited to try this one out!


The Eureka Brushroll Clean bagless upright vacuum, exclusive to Walmart, features a self-cleaning brushroll to remove tangled fur, dirt and debris with the touch of a button, helping save time, minimize maintenance and maximize performance. Paired with Eureka-exclusive technologies for deep cleaning on all floor types, the Eureka Brushroll Clean delivers a powerful, cutting-edge clean every time.

Eureka Brushroll Clean Features

  • Brushroll Clean Technology removes tangles from the brushroll with the touch of a button
  • SuctionSeal Technology concentrates airflow for a deep clean on carpets and bare floors
  • On/Off brushroll turns on to deep clean carpets and off for scatterproof bare floor cleaning
  • AirSpeed Technology moves more air and removes more dirt for a deeper clean
  • Never loses suction, maintains powerful suction while vacuuming
  • High efficiency allergen filter reduces dust and allergens
  • 39′ total reach system includes a 27′ cord with automatic cord rewind, 12′ deluxe stretch hose and cleaning tools
  • Stair and Upholstery Turbo Nozzle deep cleans stairs and upholstered furniture
  • 5-setting height adjustment to clean various carpet and bare floor types
  • Low profile nozzle is engineered to clean under furniture

My Thoughts on the Eureka Brushroll Clean


Pretty much every vacuum I have had gets something stuck in it or it gets clogged up really easily, this isn’t the case with this one, we recently just bought our first house and it was filled with carpets upstairs and downstairs.  I have vacuumed the whole downstairs carpets with this and also my wood floors upstairs, not once did it clog up.

The motor is really powerful and the suction powerful is great!  It does need emptied on a regular basis but it also self cleans which is another great feature.


One of my favorite features is the chord, it will automatically wind up, it has chord storage which is great because that is one thing that drives me insane about vacuums, the chords usually need wound up by hand, then end up all over the floor when my minions get a hold of them.


The handle, it has a good angle, it’s comfortable and easy to get a good grip on.  My hand is usually sore by the time I am finished vacuuming, this one has a nice shape and makes it easier to vacuum for longer periods of time.


Overall, this is a great vacuum, it even has places to store some of the attachments, it took me around 10 minutes to put together and I was a little shocked at how dirty our downstairs carpet is, it’s actually embarrassing the amount of dirt it picked up!

The Eureka Brushroll Clean can be purchased at Walmart for just $178.00, If you know someone who needs a new vacuum for Christmas, this is a great choice!

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The product has been provided by Eureka so I could experience it, however, the thoughts and opinions are all my own.