Do you have a daughter? I have a 3 year old who absolutely loves make up, now it’s not my fault, I didn’t get her into it!  She loves to get into my room, my make up bag and drawer and get into everything!  I’ve had to search for my beloved make up bag so many times and it usually ends up in my sweet little minion daughters room. Here’s the thing about my make up bag, I store all of my extra stuff in a drawer and all of my good stuff goes in the bag, if my daughter finds it, she gets into everything and now I am taking extra measures by adding Tile to the zipper so I can keep it safe and always find it!

Now I don’t spend a fortune on make up every month but the stuff I have is actually pricey and I want it to at least last me a few months without it being opened, dried out and smeared across the mirror and floor (It’s happened!).

Tile is also VERY easy to use, first you attach it to you’re valuables or keepsakes then download the app to your phone.  Once you have the app installed, place tile next to your phone and press the tile button in the middle, make sure Bluetooth is on and continue to set it up.

Tile isn’t just for keys and wallets, it can work for anything, what about that cute teddy bear you would hate for your little one to lose? Or maybe you can’t find you’re kids blankie and they won’t go to sleep without it?  Check out this adorable video about a panda showing you just how good tile works!

Together we can help find all of our valuables, treasures, heirlooms and things we don’t want to lose with the help of Tile! Aside from my make up bag, I’m also going to pick up a few more Tile products for my kids favorite bear, my sons Blankie and everything that I want to be able to find quickly, Tile makes life a little easier!

As someone who loves technology, reviewing it and checking out what’s new and ever changing in the world, Tile is one of my new favorite products and it would make a great gift for the holidays!

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