Long recognized as a go-to product to relieve dry, chapped lips, Carmex is bringing a fresh look to skincare shelves nationwide. Carmex recently refreshed it’s skincare packaging to highlight the therapeutic qualities of the line, including a medical seal on a white tube that fades to the brand’s classic Carmex yellow.

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The Replenishing Cream, Fragrance Free Replenishing Cream and Hydrating Lotion are clinically proven to moisturize and they absorb fast for a non-greasy feel. With a rich moisturizing formula with Aloe and Vitamin E, daily use will help keep skin soft and smooth.


I have used Carmex lip products for years, they are great for relieving chapped lips, now when I heard about the replenishing cream I knew it would be great.  It has quite a light creamy texture, blends into my skin within a few seconds and doesn’t really have much of a smell.

Carmex Replenishing Cream has really helped moisten my elbows which get dry in the colder weather, I have only used this a couple of times and it has worked very well, it doesn’t rub off onto my clothing because it dries quickly!  I knew this product would be moisturizing as soon as I heard about it, It has certainly met my expectations and for the low price of around $6.00 I know this will be one of my go to products this winter.


Carmex  skin care line is available at retailers nationwide (Dollar General, Walgreens, and Walmart).

Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in return for my honest opinon.  No monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% my own.