Have you been watching the new Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Series on Netflix?  I don’t know how they do it but every Netflix Series instantly grabs my attention and I end up having a huge movie marathon, it’s just what happens when they bring out a new series, I get glued to the TV.  Kimmy is Unbreakable, nothing can break her and why do I relate? Because being a mom has made me unbreakable.

Being a Mom

Before I had children I was probably one of the easiest going people you will ever meet, I had no responsibility, no screaming children to deal with and my mornings were filled with coffee, quiet and more than 2 minutes to shower!

My son was born in 2010, it was a pretty easy pregnancy but my husband was currently deployed in Afghanistan at the time and returned home for 2 weeks on my sons due date.  Luckily my son was two weeks overdue and I had an induction 3 days before my husband had to return to Afghanistan, due to a small complication he managed to get an extra 13 days emergency leave, boy how thankful I was.  Those 13 weeks were the most special moments of my life.  Once my husband had to go back, I was scared,  was alone, I was a first time mom and I had the worst baby blues.

My mom came over and visited me from Scotland for 2 weeks just after my husband left and she taught me so many things about caring for a newborn, by the time she left I was unbreakable although I did have my moments.

I had my son sleep trained by 4 months, he would sleep through the night, he was the happiest baby I have ever set eyes on, with no one around but my son and I that’s when I knew motherhood was a blessing,  an unbreakable blessing.


In January 2014 my beautiful daughter Sophia was born, the pregnancy was great, my husband had left the army and my family here and across the pond were all super excited for the second grandchild.  Just a short 2 weeks after my daughter was born, my Grandmother who had just turned 80 sadly passed away from lung cancer, she had never smoked a cigarette in her life but it just happened and my joy turned to grief.

But I had 2 children to look after, this was a huge transition, I didn’t let myself lose hope, faith or control, these two little children needed me and I had to focus on what was right in front of me.

Sadly my mom passed away in August of last year from cancer in her neck, she who had also never smoked in her life.  There is no worse feeling in the world, my mom, my inspiration, the one person who had been by my side since I was a baby.  Now, I’m up here, in the US, I did fly home to Scotland for my moms funeral but it was a short visit, nothing felt right without my mom being there and this was the hardest time in my life that I will never fully get over.

But my 2 little babies needed me to be strong, I need to take care of them, I needed to focus, remember the good times and remember how much my mom loves her grandchildren and that she is watching over them every day.

Being unbreakable might mean a lot of things to many different people but being unbreakable to me means staying strong in bad situations, heartbreaking situations and still having the ability to take care of yourself.

I am very lucky to have good friends and a supportive husband all of which makes me unbreakable, my life, my challenges and my children.


If you haven’t done so already, check out Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, an unbreakable woman with a fabulous sense of humor and a new life to start!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I was not monetarily compensated for this post.  I received and Ipad Mini to Stream Netflix on and a 1 year subscription to Netflix Streaming Services.  All opinions are my own.