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As humans we spend a great deal of free time in and around the kitchen. Kitchens represent a fortified bunker, diametric the outside world; forget the hectic moments of the day, relax, updating one another on our busy, separate, yet connected lives. The inordinate amount of time spent in the kitchen and bathroom make them the most popular renovation projects; boring kitchens can severely limit the amount of sit-down style family dinners, or simply avoidance of an outdated kitchen you can no longer stand to look at each day. A full remodel can be a daunting task, whose main component is the countertop. Whether granite, marble, limestone, or wood, countertops set the mood and ambience of the entire kitchen, whether warm and inviting, or chic and luxurious. When choosing countertops it’s important to select based on criteria to avoid a remodel which leaves you unsatisfied, yet costs a small fortune.

What Does Your Dream Kitchen Look and Feel Like?

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A common practice for those suffering from negative thoughts is mental imagery, because the brain has a difficult time discerning reality from imagination. Without the end in mind, a kitchen is left to happenstance, randomly twisting and turning in an effort to capture lighting in a bottle. The amalgamation of poor planning, lack of focus, and process leave homeowners confused, frustrated and frozen. Just as a sketch artist helps victims recreate the face of their attackers, a skilled designer is not only able to envision possibilities, they can make their vision seen by the homeowner. It’s an important distinction, which separates great leaders from average ones – ability to help others embody and work towards the same end result. One company who takes this phase very seriously is Premier Surfaces. From humble beginnings they have grown to four current locations, in large part due to this principle. Entry level design is easy, as anyone possesses thoughts, but a skilled designer has fine-tuned the future, not seeing a kitchen for what it is, but what it could be. Some companies shirk the responsibility of design, offering cookie-cutter solutions, essentially combining prefabricated cuts, through unskilled, subcontractor labor; a frankenstein kitchen countertop. Premier Surfaces has gone the opposite, high end route. Designers and installers must be employees of the company, a major tenant of CEO, Eric Tryon, who was nominated as Atlanta, Georgia’s #1 top entrepreneur in 2015.

Countertops vs TOP Countertops: A Difference


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Eric Tryon, seen above, nominated 2015 Stone Fabricator of the Year. In 2002, Eric saw an opportunity in the marketplace. Rather than compete strictly on price, he envisioned providing the absolute best quality product, design, install, and customer experience. This customer-centric approach meant everything had to be systemized, yet customized to justify larger budgets for kitchen countertops. During the recession, competitors began to cut corners to pad profit margins, while Eric remained steadfast in his approach to weather the storm, and reduce his own profits in order to stay true to his mission statement of providing the highest quality countertops and customer experience. If a homeowner is going to invest a sizable budget into a kitchen renovation, installing cheap countertops along with upscale appliances, cabinets and flooring, it would be akin to wearing a suit with flip flops. The human eye tends to look downward, around 10%, toward the level of a countertop, so it’s a natural focal point in a kitchen. While flooring and cabinets are recommended, the heart and true star of a renovation is the countertop.

Choosing between materials, quality, color function and design

While granite is the most popular countertop, other options exist based on budget, function and desired look. Some rocks are very hard, durable and non-porous, being both heat resistant and scratch resistant. Others allow more beautiful natural veins, or an aesthetic look such as marble, stainless steel or wood. Most homeowners have an idea of what they want, or open to entertaining possibilities. This is why it’s important to have a virtual representation of what the space will be as a finished kitchen. Even though thousands of installations have taken place since 2002, each kitchen presents nuanced challenges and opportunities, once again revealing the critical role of a qualified designer and install team. Being able to physically touch product, ascertaining its properties is a testament to quality product sourcing by Premier Surfaces. With the rise of home invasions it’s also comforting knowing they only allow employees to design and install countertops, never outsourced to unqualified, or unknown subcontractors. While countertops can be bought on the cheap, and accessorized through DIY methods, sometimes it just makes more sense to pay for a premier, white glove service and save your mental energy for other life battles.