Thank you to to Konenkii for providing a product to feature, all opinions are my own.

Konenkii is a quarterly subscription boxed for the modern grown up woman.  Konenkii is like that cool friend that rocks up occasionally and you look forward to getting together.  The box is designed to Ease, Educate and Empower you to age fearlessly whilst having a little fun! The box is mainly geared at women over 40, but personally I love it!

The Price – $49.99 Quarter or $179.99 for an Annual subscription. Shipping is Free!


The thing I love about Konenkii is that the products are always random but well themed, you never know what you are going to get until you open that big juicy box!

The Goodies


Honest Hazel Eyes

These are awesome for dark under eye circles, I also find they are great for refreshing your eyes, getting rid of those bags and generally making the section around your eyes looking and feeling more refreshed.  I love getting things like this in subscription boxes, they are usually pretty pricey and I use them all the time, I normally like to keep them on overnight so my eyes get an ultra refreshing makeover.

The ingredients are great too with lots of benefits – Cactus Collagen increases skin elasticity, improves circulation and reduces puffiness. Soothing Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Vitamin E smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Arbutin combats dark circles and hyper-pigmentation.



The Rainy Apple Shoppe Pumpkin Spice Soap

This soap not only smells amazing, it feels amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft, whilst some soaps dry my skin out, this has a smoothing effect, I love it, I need the whole collection and I love, love, love the smell!


Silicone Wine Glasses

I used to be scared of these things because they are squishy, buy once they are filled up with vino, they hold really well, they are also dishwasher safe!  Wine glasses don’t last long in my house, they usually end up getting knocked over and smash, so I am kinda getting into these things now, a cute hair tie was also included, nice touch!


5oz Round Flask

While I am not really a flask drinker my husband will get more use out of this than me, he is always stealing my water bottles, no doubt he will steal this cute little flask too.


Fastachi Chocolate Nut Mix

I absolutely love Pistachios and this is a great mix of salty and sweet, really loved this snack and it’s great with a glass of wine!


I see you made an effort book

Scorchingly honest, surreally and riotously funny, I See You Made an Effort is the ultimate coming-of-middle-age story and a must-read for women of all ages. Reading glasses not included.

This book is a new york times best seller and sounds interesting!  When I have the time I will definitely be reading this with a glass of wine!


Konenkii Swag

I am loving the little rubber duck, my daughter Sophia made me give this to her, right away, as soon as she saw it.


Alcoholic Recipes

I will be trying these out over the holidays, perfect timing to include some awesome drink recipes!


This was another awesome box from Konenkii!  I love the assortment of products included, the hair tye wrapped around the silicone wine glasses was cute, my daughter was thrilled with the duck, I can’t wait to read the book, the peanuts were gone in a few minutes and the soap is almost finished, success I would say!

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