Konenkii is a quarterly subscription boxed for the modern grown up woman.  Konenkii is like that cool friend that rocks up occasionally and you look forward to getting together.  The box is designed to Ease, Educate and Empower you to age fearlessly whilst having a little fun!

The Price – $49.99 Quarter or $179.99 for an Annual subscription. Shipping is Free!

What’s Inside?


I was surprised how heavy the box was and how much they managed to pack in!  Everything was right and colorful and packed in with some shredded paper, there is also an informaton card stuck to the box which makes it easy to figure out what everything is!

The Goodies


Maybelline Color Show Polish

Break away from your usual colors, embrace your inner rainbow! Let your toes be the summer stars and get your tired looking tootsies flip flop ready!

I haven’t used any of Maybelline Polish before so this was nice to try out!  I love the bleached neons they look great on my toes, the darker color I think will look great with the neon purple as a sort of nail art design.


Credit Card Keeper

Tired of Juggling your wallet and phone? Stick this baby on the back of your phone, load the cards and go!

This is a great idea!  I have seen a lot of credit card holders and most of them seem pretty pointless, but usually when I am out, I take my wallet and my phone, I only really need my ID and bank card, this will work out well on the back of my Iphone!


The 4:00 Cookie

If you turn into a monster every afternoon you can help yourself and those around you.  It;s super healthy, low glycemic and has everything the cookie monster in all of us needs, even some dark chocolate!

I’m not a chewy cookie fan but I know lots of people are so I get the point, my Husband Paul enjoyed this!  It reminds me of an oatmeal cookie!

Taza Chocolate

This is an 80% Dark Chocolate bar with sea salt and almond.  This chocolate is for saving, it’s minimally processed and full of essential vitamins like magnesium, the mood stabilizer!

I’m not a fan of dark chocolate but maybe I should eat even just one bar a week to get my magnesium levels up?  I don’t know but I know someone will love this!


Silky Summer Scarf

Love the classic blue, a 2015 pantone color of the year that goes with everything!  It’s handy to hide your beach thighs by day and bat wings by night, spritz it with water, freeze it for five and Chillax!

I couldn’t help but laugh at the description, bat wing? In Scotland we call those bingo wings, that’s hilarious!  The scarf s nice and soft, I’m not a scarf wearer so the thigh covering idea is more than likely what I will use this for, I love the the blue color.


Shmirshky – Think Inside the Box

If you’re wondering what the heck is going on down there, then read on! “E” aka Ellen Dolgen knows how to keep it real. She’s turned a taboo subject into a page turner, it’s funny and forthright and you might learn  thing or two!

I read through a couple of pages to get an idea of what the description means and when I have the time I will be reading the whole thing, the first page made me laugh, that’s always a good thing.


Konenkii Hot Flashcards

Sometimes we just have to let someone else do the talking for us, let Konenkii Hot flashcards help, just  a little flip of the wrist and you can speak your mind without a word!


Overall, thought this was a great box! I also think it makes a great pick me up box especially around that time of the month!  What are your thoughts on Konenkii?

Disclosure: This box was kindly sent to us for promotional purposes, all opinions are unbiased and no other compensation was received.