Disclosure: Coffee for Mom received this box to review.


Konenkii is a quarterly subscription boxed for the modern grown up woman.  Konenkii is like that cool friend that rocks up occasionally and you look forward to getting together.  The box is designed to Ease, Educate and Empower you to age fearlessly whilst having a little fun!

The Price – $49.99 Quarter or $179.99 for an Annual subscription. Shipping is Free!

This is a review of the summer box, let’s see what’s inside!


Choose to be Nice Bracelet

Choose to be nice is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring kindness wherever and wherever is possible.  You have a choice how you act in the world and I think this bracelet gives a good meaning.



Whether you are travelling or not, postcards are a nice way just to say “hey”, the postcards even had a stamp on the back which is very convenient since I never carry stamps!


Lark Cookies

I have heard of this brand before so I am glad I got to test them out, the cookies are great, the chocolate pearl being m favorite.  They are made just for grown ups and I love the little travel size packages.


Summer Ready Konenkii Kit

This little bag is foldable, water resistant and super cute!  It’s a nice little bag for summer, I can throw it in my larger bag and use it to store my phone and any other valuables I don’t want getting wet!


Sparelaxus foot mask

Believe it or not, this was my first time trying a foot mask!  It made my feet feel really soft afterwards, I didn’t notice any long lasting results but it’s great for a little treat, especially if you are on your feet all day.


Air Plant

How cute is this?  It’s absolutely adorable!  It doesn’t take a lot of work to maintain it and it magically lights up from orange to red and makes purple flowers.  All it needs is a spritz of water!

Polkadot Scarf

I am not a scarf person but I love to gift them or if the scarf is really cute like this one I will tie around my handbag to add a nice little touch ! The scarf is soft and It will be a nice addition to my bag.


Daisy and Aloe Garden body Butter

This smells so good and left my skin feeling really soft, I love body butters and this wasn’t greasy either, it’s infused with vitamin E!


Hard Candy Nail Polish

I love the Hard Candy brand and this nail polish is a winner!  It’s a good summer color and only took a couple of coats for full coverage.

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Konenkii is a fantastic box and I feel like it really empowers women.  Every box has a lovely creation of items and opening the box really will brighten up your day!

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