Lambie & Me swaddle blankets would have been perfect when I had my son Dylan, I never swaddled him for the first few weeks, I was seriously clueless after having my first child and I could have really done with some gorgeous soft swaddle blankets like these in the cold winter month of December!

Now after I had Sophia, I knew right away she would be swaddled, pretty much all the time when she is sleeping, swaddling babies gives that warm fuzzy feeling of being in the womb and not having much room to move around makes them feel secure in the early stages of childhood.  Sophia is almost 5 months now so doesn’t really want her arms wrapped in a swaddle blanket anymore but she is loving the warmth and softness of the Lambie & Me Swaddle Blanket!


About Lambie & Me

From a mother to a son, Lambie was a very special blanket.  Their son and Lambie were inseparable for 2 years and one day when the family had finished building their dream home, Lambie was lost in the move.  Their son was heartbroken, even the family had grown fond of Lambie.

Since Lambie had been lost, daddy set out to find a big boy Lamb.  Finding the perfect one wasn’t easy but they managed to find the perfect lamb and to this day Lambie is a part of the family, lambie goes everywhere and even wears a seat belt in the car!

Lambie wants to offer people the same durable, high quality products that are designed with care and love!  All products are designed to last as long your family needs them and to provide your children with comfort and peace of mind for years to come.

All products are tested by the Lambie family just to make sure they are perfect!

Sophia in her Lambie Blankie


As you can see Sophia loves her blanket!  I have to leave her arms out at night or she gets mad but the Lambie & Me swaddle blankets work perfectly.

The blanket is extremely soft, even after a couple of washes it keeps it’s size, shape and soft luxurious texture.  The swaddle blanket is pretty thin which is perfect for summer, it’s also pretty big too so you can fold it up in the winter!

This is the “Just Dots” Blanket and they also have a caterpillar blanket which is cute too!

The blanket is made with really soft cotton and can be used with both a boy or a girl.  The dots are red for visual development which I think is very brainy, babies love looking at bright colors!

My Thoughts

The story behind Lambie reminds me of my son, he has 2 blankets, both the same and he has had them since he was a baby, he takes them everywhere with him, he won’t drink his bedtime bottle at night without his blankets and he would be heartbroken without them, I really feel for the little boy who lost his blanket!

I love how soft the blanket is, most swaddle blankets are only soft until you wash them and this one holds up! Now that my daughter is a little older she likes to squirm and move around all the time and her feet usually end up cold and outside her swaddle.  Lambie swaddle blankets are so large that this is no longer an issue!

If I were to recommend a blanket for a newborn or an older baby this would be the one, the size of it makes it perfect for a tight swaddle or just to warm up your baby as he or she gets older!

Does your child have a blanket they carry around with them or grew up with?  I even have a 30 year old friend who recently just ditched her blankie (Sorry Christie).

If you would like to read more about the swaddle blankets or purchase one Click Here!  If you would like to win a set of these amazing swaddle blankets, enter below!

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