On my recent trip with Disney to San Francisco I not only had a great time but I learned so much and was super inspired by some of the things I was shown in Pixar.  Not only do they have a great work ethic and an amazing set up, they also have a great way for kids and adults to learn. As a web designer, I was excited to hear about Pixar In A Box, I didn’t even know it existed!


What Is Pixar In A Box?

With Pixar in a Box you get a behind the scenes look at how the Pixar artists do their jobs, you’ll be able to animate bouncing balls, buil a swarm of robots, make fireworks explode and more.  Math, Science, Computer Science and Humanities are used every day to create the amazing movies you see at Pixar and these are all subjects you learn at school.  The collaboration is between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy, it’s sponsored by none other than Disney!

How did Pixar in a Box come about?

We learned lots about Pixar in a Box and got a chance to chat with Elyse Klaidman, Director of Exhibitions and Educational Partnerships at Pixar Animation Studios and Tony DeRose, Senior Scientist and lead of the Research Group at Pixar Animation Studios.

Elyse has been at Pixar for almost 20 years, she oversaw Pixar University, which is the internal education at the studio. On a regular basis, the people at Pixar university would often get phone calls from educators on every level asking for help, wanting to do some sort of animation curriculum, they would try to help as much as possible but with work, time is limited.

Tony has always been passionate about sharing educating some of the things that goes on behind the animation, so Pixar in a Box came about as a way for children and educators to learn about a variety of topics.

They approached Khan Academy with the idea of partnering to tell the story of math, science and art in the production of Pixar films. Khan academy said YES! and Disney Corporate Citizenship, the philanthropic part of Disney agreed to fund everything!

It’s a 3 year project, the first year focused mainly on maths topics, the second year focused mainly on science and computer science and the 3rd year is focusing on the art of storytelling. The intent is to really show kids, parents and teachers how the concepts they are learning in the classrooms are used for creative benefits at Pixar.

Pixar in a Box covers lots of topics like color science, the art of storytelling, effects, patterns, rendering, character modeling and more! It has lots of guides to get you started and if you work in the educational field there is also and educators guide to help you through the process of what they offer and what can be learned through Khan Academy and Pixar in a Box.


One of my favorite topics covered on Pixar in a Box is how visual cameras work, as someone who is always looking to up my video and photographic skills, this has proved to be a good learning experience. You will learn about focal distance, camera lenses and more.

Learn More about Pixar in a Box

Click Here to learn more about Pixar in a Box, remember it’s FREE to join and what you and your children can learn is unique!

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