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Have you heard of Yo-Kai Watch?  My son absolutely loves the TV show, he has been watching it since it first aired on our screens and now it’s out to play on Nintendo 3DS!  Video games were a hobby of mine when I was a kid, I used to love playing outside on my bike and my mum had me in so many different sporting things like gymnastics, trampolining, swimming, dancing, you name it, I did it, so when I got some downtime as a kid I loved to sit down, turn on my old Nintendo and play my video games. I am still a gamer at heart and still love video games, now my son loves them too!


Dylan has some sensory issues so I like him to have quite a bit of downtime, when there is too much going on around him he tends to get really wound up and hyper, so him sitting down and playing a game is another way for him to unwind and have fun.

Whenever we travel, Dylan also has his Nintendo 3DS on hand, he loves it and when he saw that I had Yo-Kai Watch for him to play he was super excited!  Just like Nate from Yo-Kai Watch, Dylan has a very active imagination, he loves to explore and has a very active imagination!


I asked Dylan what he thought of the game, so from the words of my son “I like finding things and fighting the evil people, I need to upgrade more”.   So that to me says he likes the game, there is lots for him to do, explore, level up and have fun with, that’s exactly what video games are all about and once he is done playing for a bit, I might just have to bring out my inner gamer girl and have a go at it myself!


In case you aren’t familiar with Yo-Kai Watch, kids will love the game!  It’s a craze in Japan and for the first time ever in the United States it’s now available and has been made exclusively for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS, including the new Nintendo 3DSXL.

Have you ever forgotten your keys or found yourself running late? Maybe a Yo-kai is to blame. Players must find and befriend these mischievous Yo-kai that inhabit the world and turn them into a team that battles other Yo-kai.  

Yo-Kai Watch is available right now, online and in stores that sell video games for $39.99

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