The Levana Ayden Baby Video Monitor is a fabulous way to keep an eye on your baby whilst they are asleep or playing in their room!

When my son was born, I had a cheap video monitor that made a crackly sound and the only noise I could hear was him crying (and the crackly sound), it was rather annoying and what was worse is that there was no video monitor, I would have to open his door to check on him and the door would make a squeaking sound and continuously wake him up!

When I was a first time mother with my son I really didn’t have a great idea of what I was doing, the correct products to choose and really wasn’t prepared very well at all!  With my daughter I knew a lot more and some of the things I knew I had to have were sleep and peace of mind which is only possible if you can see your little one whenever you need to!



The camera features a maximum wireless range of 500 ft and an optimum range of 200ft which I think is great!  If my son is out playing in the backyard or when my daughter gets older I can use this monitor for lots of different things!  The night vision works up to 15ft which is perfect for when Sophia is asleep.

There is also a 73 degree viewing angle, a microphone and a speaker!  I love the microphone and speaker aspect, it means I can hear if Sophia is crying and when I use the video monitor I can talk into it and the noise will come through the camera and soothe her.

The camera also features temperature monitoring, which means if I want to know the temperature in Sophias room I just need to look at the video monitor because the camera will pick it up.

A night light is also part of the camera feature which can help soothe and comfort a baby if they wake up and all they see is darkness, this is especially great when they get a little older and like that little bit of light in their room.

The camera has a battery life of 3 hours, therefore you will probably need to plug it in and since the camera can view at a 73 degree angle and the night vision works up to 15ft, you can keep it at a good distance to make sure there are no cables near your babies crib.


The monitor has a very user friendly interface and features a 320 x 240 resolution.  With the press of a button the Talk to Baby 2 way intercom will allow you to talk through the monitor and your baby will hear the sound of your soothing voice through the camera in their room.

If your baby wakes up and loves to listen to lullabies there are 3 different relaxing ones built into the monitor and with the click of a button a soothing lullaby will come on!

The screen is 3.5″ and allows you to see more than the average screen.  I love that I can see Sophia when she is asleep and if I hear her making a noise I can just check the screen and see if she is just having a grunt in her sleep or is actually awake.

The Ayden monitor and camera uses a ClearVu® Digital Signal which is private and secure and means that no one else can view the camera.  This definately gives me peace of mind, I don’t like that some cameras aren’t secure and can be hacked into, so this is superb.


We set the camera up on top of Sophia’s swing for now, she doesn’t use the swing anymore and it’s the perfect height to view inside her crib, the cable that plugs into the wall is also on the opposite side of the wall so there are no strangulation hazards.


We have Sophia’s mesh bumper up here because she keeps getting her leg stuck in the side of her crib but when it’s taken down I can view exactly how Sophia is laying and sleeping!

The night light vision works upto 15ft which is perfect for Sophias room.

The indication ring that you can see in the above photo is lit up and has different colors for each volume.  If your baby is screaming it will turn red, if you are whispering to your baby it will turn blue etc.  Also if your camera or monitor gets disconnected it will turn pink.

The Levana Ayden Baby Video Monitor is expandable which means it can connect to up to 4 cameras.  This will come in handy when Sophia is a little older and playing in her room and Dylan is causing chaos out in the back yard, I can safely keep an eye on them both!

My Overall Thoughts

The Levana Ayden Baby Video Monitor is a top notch product and I was super excited to use it in Sophias room, I have a much better peace of mind at night time now.  When she makes a little grunting noise I can see if she is actually awake or just dreaming and if her mobile stops once I put her to bed and she is still awake I can play the little lullabies!

Sophia sleeps around 12 hours straight, sometimes 13 or 14 hours and I get a little worried, maybe it’s a growth spurt but I like that I can check on her without wakening her up!

The Levana Ayden Baby Video Monitor is full of useful and wonderful features and in my opinion it is the all in one baby monitor that I won’t have to upgrade throughout Sophia’s “babyhood” because it already has every feature I could possibly need!

If you are a new parent to be or looking for a new baby monitor then I 100% recommend checking the Levana Ayden Baby Video Monitor out!


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