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Love with food is a monthly subscription  box service that helps you discovering new and exciting natural or organic snacks each month.

The Love with Food Gluten Free box has recently just been introduced and it is filled with tasty gluten free snacks!  There are also 3 subscription options included, monthly which is $32 / box, 6 month subscription which breaks down at $28 / month and a 12 month subscription which breaks down at $25 month.

The gluten free box includes 8 – 12 snacks each month including all natural, gluten free and organic goodies!

The Food


Jules Gluten Free Cookie Mix

This contains 1.3 pounds of cookie mix which is enough to make 60 around 60 cookies!  It’s gluten free and you can throw in some chocolate chips or anything you like.  People who have tried these cookies state they are even better than normal cookies!

I have been really getting into baking recently, sugar cookies being my favorites so I can’t wait to try these out, I like that you have to prepare them too, makes them really customizable!


Dang Toasted Coconut Chips x 2

A delightful treat with a strong coconut taste and buttery finish.

I received these in a few subscription boxes previously and I love them, I don’t like the soft coconut bars you get but these are like little hard coconut chips, they are sweet and great to snack on, I like having these around the house especially for night time cravings!

bGinny Minis Butter Crisp Love Cookies

These crispy little cookies are organic, gluten free, gmo free and baked with love!

I received a pack of these in a previous subscription box and they are crispy, buttery and delicious, I am happy to see more of these!

gBoulder Granola

This is 100% Organic and full of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.The recipe of this granola is 45 years old and it has been perfected in every way, it even enhances your mood!

I just tried some of this and ot has a slight coconut flavor.  I am always happy to see granola, mainly because I eat granola all the time, I use it in smoothies, in cereals, as a snack, you name it!  Granola is expensive so please, someone send me a years supply!


Bumble Bar Apple Crisp Juno Bar

This is an organic and gluten free energy bar, it is hand crafted and contains only the finest ingredients!

This is like a fig bar, I really don’t like figs or dates or any of that sort of thing but Paul loves fig bars and apples so I am sure he will eat this up!


Terra Real Vegetable Chips Sweets and Beets

These are complimented with natural vibrant beets, they have a bold luscious flavor and create a wonderful gourmet experience.

I haven’t tried these yet but I like vegetable chips and I love beets so I am sure these will be crunchy and delicious!


Lundberg Multigrain Chips Redwood Smoky Barbecue

These chips are made with a unique blend of grains including organic brown rice, red and white quinoa and more, then spiced up with some smoky barbecue flavor.

These are supposed to be light and crunchy, again I haven’t tried them out yet but I think they will make for part of the snacks I am setting up for a house party tomorrow!


180 Nutty Rice Bites with Blueberries

These are light and crispy, the blueberry really brings out the flavor and if you are craving something sweet, these might just do the trick.  I received them in my regular love with food box and liked them a lot so I am happy to see more of these!


Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops

These contain real fruit extracts, myself and Dylan tried a couple and they actually taste like real fruit with an added sweetness, really great flavor!


This was my first time trying out the gluten free box and so far I am impressed with all the different products and size of them!  The Ginny Minis Cookies and Granola are my obvious favorites!

I am interested to see what Love with Food comes up with next! If you are on a gluten free diet or just prefer not to eat gluten then this is a great box to discover new snacks!


Click here to check out love with food, they have a few different subscription options! You can also get a free regular box with your first month or use the coupon code BLGGLUTENFREE to get 50% OFF your first Gluten Free box!


Love with Food is also on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclosure: I received this box free of charge in return for my honest opinion. Thank you love with food!