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B1-En_Icon_512_free_thWe downloaded the Luca Lashes The Brown-Eyed boy with the magic eyelashes app which was free in the app store.  It’s a little book that tells a story of a boy with magic eyelashes.

This app is multilingual and available in a few different languages.

I don’t usually do a lot of app reviews because Dylan tends to not show much interest and I don’t have a whole lot of time to use apps but we gave this one a try and he loved it!

Kids can interact with this app and story which makes it all the more fun!

Here are some of the things that your child can do –

  • Turn the pages
  • Choose which sentence to read just by touching the right one
  • Listen to the story being read
  • The words are highlighted as they are spoken
  • You can pause the pages to interact with each one
  • Touch objects to make noises and more!

My Thoughts on the Book

My son has certain sensory issues such as he won’t touch something if he doesn’t like the texture and I think this app is great for working on those types of things.  I liked that Dylan could interact with each page and the things you could touch made noises which are good for learning about different sounds.

Dylan actually spent a good 20 minutes reading and interacting with this app before drifting off to something else which is quite a long time for him!

So overall I would definitely recommend Luca Lashes, they have quite a few different apps to choose from and if your child loves reading and interacting with objects and books this would be a great option!

On Luca Lashes website you can also read about the characters, download an print fun activities and check out the upcoming stories!


You can find Luca Lashes on Facebook and Twitter too!