Lunch Balancer who kindly sent me their box to review is a brand new subscription box service by Dr Gabe Smolarz.  Lunch balancer meals are designed to control weight and balance blood sugar by carefully controlling carbs, calories and sugar content.whilst maximizing protein, fiber and healthy fats.  Lunch balancer meals contain 3 to 4 ounces of protein and portioned carbs which will make you feel full and satisfied.

Lunch balancer wants to help provide you with healthy on the go meals that will keep you full for longer as well as educate you on how to control your diet and eat healthy at the same time!


Lunch Balancer Subscription Box Review June 2014

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Price – $49.95 Month

Lunch Balancer includes a breakdown of each snack and meal included in the box.  All meals are planned and well thought out to give you a balanced meal.

Inside the Lunch Balancer box there is a guide with colored dots showing which food items are to be eaten in each meal.  The Protein and Carb content is also included in the information for each meal. The food items in each meal each contain a colored dot so they are easy to follow.  There is also another information sheet with the lowdown on each meal and Dr Gabes tip of the month!



Meal 1





This meal has 555 calories in total, 27 grams of protein and 29 net carbs.

The products in this meal are Turkey Sticks x 2, Veggie Chips, Almonds and Mango Fruit Snacks.

I loved this meal, it’s a great curation of products, meat, salty, crunchy and sweet.  The mango Munchies are delicious!

Meal 2






This meal has 580 calories in total, 25 grams of protein and 40 net carbs.

The products in this meal are Protein Pretzels, Natural Almond Butter, Multi-grain Crackers, Roasted Chickpeas and Chocolate Macaroons.

The pretzels and macaroons are amazing!  I’ve tried these macaroons before and I like them a lot.  The butter is great on the crackers and the chickpeas are a nice healthy snack!

Meal 3

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This meal has 540 calories in total, 27 grams of protein and 46 net carbs.

The products in this meal are Pumpkin Seeds, Lentil Couscous Soup, Quinoa Chips and a Fruit Chew.

The couscous soup was my favorite, I have had couscous before but never in a soup which makes it even better!

Meal 4


This meal has 497 calories in total, 20 grams of protein and 33 net carbs.

The products in this meal are Hummus & Lentil Chips, Roasted Edamame and a sweet nut mix.

I love hummus, like really love it, so this was probably my favorite meal!

Meal 5


This meal has 488 calories in total, 27 grams of protein and 32 net carbs.

The products in this meal are Wisconsin Swiss, Sesame Crackers and an Almond Blueberry Nutrition Bar.

The cheese included in this meal was so good with crackers!  I love swiss cheese so I was glad to see some as part of a meal!

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Lunch balancer also includes sample, coupons and cutlery for healthy on the go meals.

My Thoughts

Lunch Balancer is a perfect way to plan balanced convenient meals.  If you were to hire a nutritionist you would probably pay a fortune and that doesn’t include any food.

I like that all the meals are planned out, all the nutritional values are there so you don’t need to add it all up yourself, and even better most of the food items are vegan, I’m not a vegetarian but I definitely see the values and health benefits of cutting out certain products and ingredients used in foods.

The way I would use this box is include one meal as lunch each day, then go out and buy the rest for the weeks ahead, Lunch Balancer has taking the work out of meal planning and even better it’s healthy meal planning!

If you would like to sign up for lunch balancer you can use the coupon code COFFEEMOM50 for 50% OFF your first month to month subscription or sample box, this coupon is only good for the first 10 people and it must be used by June 30th.

You can use this on a one time trial box or on a subscription, the choice is your Click Here to sign up!

I received this product free of charge in return for my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.