Last year, we purchased out first home and we are slowly getting around to decorating and making our home beautiful!  I recently got a huge floor pillow from Majestic Home Goods, It’s adorable and fits what we have done with our decor so far perfectly!


The Athens Grey Floor Pillow is large enough for an adult to curl up on, but of course my kids have made it theirs.  My daughter Sophia has found a new spot to nap, she loves it!

You can take the pillow outside, curl up under the stars and watch a movie on a projector, lay in front of the TV and watch your favorite shows or just lay back and chill, this pillow is amazingly comfortable.


The Athens Grey Floor Pillow is filled with super loft recycled Polyester fiber fill, and adds just the right amount of comfort that you want when you are look to relax.

This pillow accentuates our walls and floors beautifully, it’s the perfect piece to add an extra special touch.

This oversized Pillow has a 100-percent polyester slipcover that is outdoor treated with water and stain resistance and UV protection.

One thing that bugs me with a lot of pillows is that I can’t clean them, this cover easily zips off for easy spot cleaning.


If you are looking for the perfect pillow to lounge around on, this is the one, or if you are tired of the kids taking over your chair, this will sort out the problem, the kids love it!

Majestic Home Goods has a range of beautiful products in different colors, shapes and sizes, if you are doing some home improvement then I recommend checking them out!

*Sample provided from Majestic Home Goods.