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Since having my first child 5 years ago, cleaning has become 10 times the chore it used to be!  Now that I have three little minions running around, it can get a little messy in my house.  Having two jobs, web design and blog writing also takes up a lot of my time so I love to use cleaning products that simplify things for me and that I can trust do the job.

We shop at Costco around once or twice a month and usually pick up everything we need including our P&G Household Needs products to keep our home clean!  I always find that I get a super good value for money at Costco and the products I need to clean with come in huge multi packs that will last me at least a month.

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On this trip, we picked up our usual groceries and my trusty cleaning products in bulk, seriously, buying in bulk saves me multiple trips to the grocery store every month and I have everything I need to stay on track with cleaning.

Tide Pods, I have used these for about 3 years now, my kids go through about 3 outfits every day, they are messy eaters, they like to play in the dirt and they are extremely active so a good laundry detergent is essential.  I used to buy the liquid pour in laundry soap but I always use too much and it doesn’t last very long.  This is why I use Tide Pods, I only have to use one, a huge pack of 152 from Costco will usually last me a month or two!



Not only do Tide Pods leave our clothes fresh and clean after each wash, they help protect color and whiten your clothes, they also leave your clothes smelling awesome.  You just have to add one Tide Pod in the drum of the machine and it’s ready to go, I don’t need to pour anything, which is very convenient for me.  Have you ever washed clothes only to find that they are still dirty?  Well with Tide Pods you shouldn’t have this problem, they are a brand I have used for years, a brand that I trust and they clean my clothes thoroughly each and every time.



Bounty Advanced is my next go to item.  Have you ever noticed those awful streaks that show up when you clean the kitchen but don’t pat it dry afterwards?  This is just one of the reasons I love Bounty Advanced, after I wipe everything down I always dry it off with Bounty Advanced paper towels, always!

I also love to use Bounty Advanced for wiping down the mess my kids make on a daily basis, they love to paint and usual end up getting it on our table, with some cleaning spray and Bounty Advanced my kitchen table looks like new again.

Bounty Advanced paper towels are very absorbent, they are strong and durable and don’t fall apart or stick to everything when I use them.


I had a little party in 2014 for a Cascade product but before that I always used cheap powdery dish washing soap and it never did the job right, I was always left with food stains and would usually have to run the dishwasher twice. Since trying Cascade Complete Action Pacs, I haven’t looked back, not once, with one little Cascade Action Pac loaded into my dishwasher my dishes are clean and I don’t even need to pre-rinse my dishes it’s that good.

My kids and husband are also lovers of spaghetti, you all know how messy that gets, Cascade cleans all that leftover red spaghetti sauce off thoroughly and that takes some stress out of my day!


When it comes to cleaning, it’s the little things that make it less of a chore and easier for you to go about your day, P&G Household Needs products have that covered!

I also have a cool printable for you all that will hopefully help with your shopping needs and cleaning schedule! Every week I print off a to do list and it helps me stay on track of things.  Click the image below to download and print your own pretty To Do List!


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