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Up until a few years ago, I would rarely eat fruit or veggies, even though eating it every day is recommended.  The reason being is not that I don’t like fruit or vegetables, it’s because of the cost involved and how quickly it all goes bad.  I would buy strawberries and within a few days they would literally grow mold, my lettuce would brown and well, you get the picture.  Over the years I have found ways to make produce last longer but only recently I’ve found the best way to do it, the easiest way to store produce and make it last a long time and now that we have our own little vegetable garden, we often grow too much and FreshWorks by Rubbermaid has made keeping our produce fresh much easier.


FreshWorks by Rubbermaid not only keeps produce fresher for much longer but it reduces waste and saves you money in the long run.

As a result of throwing away fresh produce, Americans waste $24 billion worth of produce every year, which is the equivalent of $192 per household.**

*Based on strawberries in FreshWorks containers vs. store packaging at day 21.
** Source: USDA 2014

FreshWorks storage containers use the patented Rubbermaid FreshVentTM technology, this keeps produce fresher up to 80% longer than traditional product pacaging.  By regulating the the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the FreshVent technology creates an optimal environment, your produce stays nearly as fresh as the day it was picked. FreshWorks also uses CrispTrayTM to help reduce moisture and any type of spoilage.



I love to store my strawberries, kale, lettuce and other fruits inside Rubbermaid FreshWorks containers and they have 3 different sizes available –

  • Small (2.5 Cups): Ideal for small berries.
  • Medium (6.3 Cups): Perfect for strawberries.
  • Large (17.3 Cups): Optimal for leafy greens.

Last year we grew way too much kale in our vegetable garden and it was way more than I could use in my smoothies so we ended up giving some away, this year whatever I have leftover will be going in my Large FreshWorks container as it’s the perfect size for my kale and prepping it for smoothies.


In case you are wondering, FreshWorks containers are extremely easy to use, just open your produce from store packaging or pick it from your garden then add it to the containers, close the lid don tightly and put it in the fridge.  Super simple.  The lids also last a lifetime, you will never need any replacements and everything is BPA Free, top-shelf dishwasher safe and microwave safe!


I currently have 3 Rubbermaid FreshWorks containers but with spring coming up I am going to need more so my fruit and vegetables last much longer and I am super excited to have found something that works perfect for me!

How do you keep your produce fresh?  If you already own or want to pick up some FreshWorks containers, consider taking the Long Live Produce Challenge and writing a Rubbermaid FreshWorks Review about your experience!

How to take the challenge?

Store some produce in the store packaging and some in the FreshWorks container. Take photos to compare the results after several days, and share how long FreshWorks helped your produce last.

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How to Make Produce Last Longer
*Based on strawberries in FreshWorks™ containers vs. store packaging. Results may vary depending upon produce and use.