Disclosure – I was sent this box to review.  All opinions stated are 100% my own.

Mary’s Secret ingredients is a culinary surprise box that delivers a surprise limited edition package filled with unique gourmet artisan ingredients and kitchen products

12Mary’s Secret Ingredients come wrapped up in pretty white and blue paper, I was so excited to rip it open and find out what everything was!

Mary’s Secret Ingredients Review

Website – www.maryssecretingredients.com

Price – $25.95 / Quarter

Each box promises a value of $30 or more and also includes mouthwatering recipes!

The owner Mary is a foodie and a blogger at lovethesecreringredient.net, she knows her stuff!

The Goodies

cpZukali Cilantro Pineapple Salsa $6.95 Value

This stuff is awesome!  Let me tell you, I’m not the biggest Mexican or Pepper fan but we tried out this recipe over the weekend, we actually marinated the chicken with the salsa, then used the rest as a dipping sauce and I was surprised how much I liked it!

This includes fresh roasted peppers and pineapple, it’s steeped in a special blend of spices and has real good zing to it!


Bruce Cost Ginger Ale $2.60 Value

This is a really hard to find product which makes it all the more special!  I did find it on amazon for a pack of 12 but the cost doesn’t include the $14.95 shipping, so technically this is worth around $4.00! This is made with only fresh gingers, no extracts or oils! It provides iron and a little vitamin C.  I like ginger ale and found this to be extremely refreshing!


 Community Spice Company Ka Bobii $5

I am excited to try this out with some fish!  It’s a light and luscious spice blend with a lemony twist and is and is recommended to use with chicken, fish, lentils, couscous and quinoa.  Paul loves lemon spice rubs so this will be a hit with him too!


Chef’s Planet Nonstick Toaster Ovenliner $8.26

I didn’t even know something like this existed!  Don’t you just hate when stuff sticks to the bottom of the toaster oven?  This catches all the drips and crumbs, cleaning it is a pain and these will definitely be useful!


Clean, Lean and Sexy Coconut Cashew Bar $2.40 Value

This is so good!  I couldn’t eat the whole bar at once, it’s really sweet, chewy and nutty.  I think I will have to order more of these!

5Simply 7 Sea Salt Quinoa Chips $3.19

I like Quinoa but have never tasted the chips before, these are new to me, they have a nice crunch and tasted great with the Cilantro Pineapple Salsa!

cxJaxyns Twice Baked Potato Sticks Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper $2

I can’t find a price for these online, so I am taking a guess and they are mainly sold in whole foods stores, pretty sure they are hard to find which makes them all the more valuable. These are really good!  Crunchy and Salty, perfect for an afternoon snack!

123This box had a value of $30.40, Of course if you were to pay shipping on some of the products and spend time and resources looking for each item you would pay a lot more!

There is also a cute little book with information all of the ingredients.  Coupons are also included for some of the brands in the box!

Final Thoughts

I love to try out new hard to find food items and Mary’s Secret Ingredients  has a fantastic curation!

Along with the recipes and the the information on each product, this is a valuable well put together box, it’s a fabulous surprise every few months getting the chance to explore new and interesting food products!

I have tried out quite a few food subscription boxes and usually with specially curated products the price is about even with the box, so the fact that this box has a higher value is even better!

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