I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for McCafé packaged coffee. I received product samples as well as a monetary promotional incentive to thank me for my participation.

It’s almost time for holiday celebrations, shopping, having fun with the kids and cooking!  It’s been super busy around here since November and I don’t know how I would wake up in the morning or get through my day without multiple cups of coffee!

Usually when I head out early in the morning I will stop at McDonalds and pick up a cup of coffee but now that they have introduced their owned brand of McCafé packaged coffee, I can enjoy their coffee throughout the day in the comfort of my own home, pair it with a nice slice of cake and enjoy all the delicious flavors they have to offer.


Coffee is the one thing that I need that gets me through the busy holiday times, it keeps me motivated and gives me the energy I need!  I was super excited to try out some different types of McCafé  packaged coffee including their Breakfast Blend, Espresso Roast and Hazelnut!

The Espresso Roast is perfect for when I wake up and I am still so tired, but of course when the kids wake up, I have to wake up, I need my coffee!

As soon as I opened the bag of McCafé packaged coffee Espresso Roast the smell of fresh, inviting coffee filled my nose, it’s delicious and gives me a real kick that I need in the morning. I also like the Espresso Roast because I only need to use a little bit and I can pair it with some of my favorite coffee syrups!


The Breakfast Blend is what I like to enjoy in the afternoon (even though it says breakfast), it’s a lighter roast and perfect for a little afternoon pick me up, paired with a slice of shortbread or cake! It’s actually my favorite out of the McCafé packaged coffee and I usually buy this on a regular basis, it’s delicious.

I also got to try out Hazelnut McCafé packaged coffee, as soon as you open the bag you can smell the freshness of the coffee mixed with the hazelnut, my husband is a huge fan of the of this flavor!


McDonald’s is giving coffee lovers across America another reason to enjoy their favorite coffee and is excited to let fans know that McCafé packaged coffee is available where you buy groceries.

McCafé packaged coffee is available in both ground and K-Cup® pods forms and you can drink it from the comfort of your own home!

It’s made with 100% Arabica beans, McCafé packaged coffee comes in seven varieties including different roasts and blends, such as Premium Roast, French Roast, Breakfast Blend and Colombian, and different flavors, such as French Vanilla and Hazelnut.

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