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Memebox is the Number 1 Beauty company in Korea! Memebox has recently just begun introducing their products and boxes in the US and other countries!

Korean products are well known for their amazing quality, with Memebox you will always get an amazing deal!  There is always an information card inside Memeboxes so you always get to check out how each product works, the price tag and the brand.

Memebox always includes a detailed information card (in English) so you know exactly what each product is designed to do!


This time I was sent Memebox Special #34: Whole Grains 2!  Whole Grains are great for your skin and this is another box I have always wanted to try.

The Goodies


Young Face Nuruk Natural Mask and Scrub $5 Value

Nuruk is a type of kneaded flour used in the fermentation process of making fermented alcohol.  The kojic acid created when nuruk goes through fermenation is highly acknowledged for it’s moisturizing, brightening and anti-wrinkle effects.

To use this mix in a spoonful of milk, water, honey or plain yogurt. After cleansing spread this evenly over your face, apply a gauze then add more of the mixture.  This sounds like a process and I am interested to see how it works out, one night when I have time I will definitely be trying this!


Seven DIAS Media Anti-Blemish Serum $29 Value

Made from germinating soybean, mung bean, brown rice, barley, sophore root extracts and other ingredients, this serum has been proven to be very soothing, replenishing and work great for treating dry skin problems and blemishes.

I will have to give this a try very soon, my skin gets dry in the winter and I think this will work great on my face.


Osho Whitening Cream $34 Value

Make Up can only hide. Don’t just hide when you can fix with whitening cream that is enriched with high concentrates of rice bran extracts.  This cream works to even out your skin tone and brighten up your complexion so it appears more awake and lively.

I want to start using this right away, my natural complexion needs a lot of work and I want to see what effect this has on my skin.


Young Face Natural Soap $12 Value

100% naturally derived and hand-made, this soaps formula is made from mung beans and it is highly effective for soothing irritated skin and treating excessive blemishes, freckles and sagging skin.

I used this soap last night and it’s also good for exfoliating because the end of it is kind of rough, it gives a good clean and I am liking it!


Tosowoong Time Shift Emulsion $34 Value

This works to replenish and tighten up the skin and give your complexion an overall better look.

The word emulsion reminds me of something to do with painting, right?  This is definitely interesting and I can’t wait to try it out, it has some fancy packaging too!


Echoice Wash Oatmeal Body Scrub $5 Value

This is enriched with superfood such as walnuts and oatmeal. This works to exfoliate cleans and nourish your skin.

I love body scrubs so this is in my life up of my “to use” list.


This box has a great value as always and I will use all of the products included.  I love the different curation of each Memebox and you always get amazing value for money whilst getting to try out new and exciting beauty products.


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