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IMG_1345Memebox is the Number 1 Beauty company in Korea! Memebox has recently just begun introducing their products and boxes in the US and other countries!

Korean products are well known for their amazing quality, with Memebox you will always get an amazing deal!  There is always an information card inside Memeboxes so you always get to check out how each product works, the price tag and the brand!


Memebox usually ships in this cute pink package and inside the package is a cute pink box!  This package also arrived really quickly and I got my shipping email a day later, always a nice surprise!

The box I am reviewing is Hand & Nail Care Special Box #26.

The Goodies


Barbine Shea Butter Hand Cream Full Size $18 Value

I received the Violet Musk scent, there are quite a few different ones including Rose water and White Lily.  This scent is beautiful, it reminds me of a musky perfume, it feels great on my hands and the shea butter helps keep them moisturized.


Shara Shara Soft Hand Gommage Full Size $6 Value

This is a gentle, moisturizing peel gel for dry and callused hands, it works to remove any hardened calluses and skin impurities leaving your hands silky and smooth.

I had no idea what a hand gommage was, now I know.  I don’t really have any calluses on my hands but I tried this out on the soles of my feet and it helped with the hard bits on the soles, great product!


with shan Baby Hand Set Full Size $9 Value

This is infused with lemon juice and vitamin E, the treatment oil is gentle on your skin and healps to nourish and soften the roughened calluses and cuticles on your nails.  It also includes a purple nail file which works to gently file away the softened calluses and leave your skin baby smooth!

I have used nail treatments before but never an oil, I am excited to see how this works!


Sur 3D Nail Art Kit Full Size $29 Value

This is the weirdest but coolest nail art kit I have ever seen, I tried this out and it took a couple of tries to get it right, but what you need to do is paint your nails, then use the little stamp very lighty over the top of the polish before it dries and it creates a beautiful lines metallic nail art effect.  The pen is good for using on the lines, the polish is awesome and I want more colors!


with shyan Dr Care Set Full Size $13 Value

This is an emergency kit for split, broken nail.  It strengthens the roots of your nails and works to protect them from further damge.  It also includes a nail file so you can get the correct length and shape.

I haven’t tried this yet but if I use nail polish remover too much I noticed that my nails get weaker, I will trying this out soon!


These are both nail files that were included, they are pretty!

IMG_2203Pure Skin Hand Care Pack Full Size $4 Value

This contains grape extracts, grapefruit extracts, witch hazel, collagen, boabab tree extracts and olive leaf extracts that work to deeply moisturize and nourish your roughened hands, it also removes any excess impurities and firms up signs of hand aging.

I am a sucker for hand masks so this went on almost right away, it left my hands feeling soft, moist and fresh, like I had just been to a spa or something, I need more of these!


Pure Plus Hydrogel Moisturizing Nail Patch Full Size $8 Value

This is enriched with colleagen, milk, pearl powder, gold and paraffin.  It works to deliver intense moisture and nutrition deep into your nails with just 20 minutes of application for a visible imporvement of your nail condition.

This is another product I am keeping for next week, once I remove the polish I have on my nails are in for a proper treat!


This box has a total value of $87 which is awesome considering it only costs $23.  This was one of my favorite Memeboxes so far, mainly because a lot of the hand products were new to me and I learned a little about all of these new products which is pretty valuable!

My favorite product was the 3D Nail Art Kit, I haven’t really tried lots of nail art products before and this has given me something new to try out!


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