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IMG_1345Memebox is the Number 1 Beauty company in Korea! Memebox has recently just begun introducing their products and boxes in the US and other countries!

Korean products are well known for their amazing quality, with Memebox you will always get an amazing deal!  There is always an information card inside Memeboxes so you always get to check out how each product works, the price tag and the brand!


Memebox usually ships in this cute pink package and inside the package is a cute pink box!  I had no idea I was about to receive this box, it was a nice surprise, I got my tracking email about 2 hours after the box arrived at my door, fast shipping!

This time I received the Superbox Pore Care 3 to review and I love how many different product are included!

The Products

IMG_1349Lailly +36.5 Steam Pore Pack – Full Size! $28 Value!

This pore pack uses a hot steam effect to open up your pores and clear your skin of any blackheads, waste, impurities and clogged pores.  It will leave your skin feeling hydrated and moisturized!

I don’t believe I have ever seen or heard of a product like this in my life so I am really excited to use it!  I am wondering if it heats up? I actually like the color of this, usually darker soaps and face masks have great detoxing and cleansing effects so I am sure this will too!

IMG_1351Tosowoong Deep Pore Foam Cleansing – Full Size! $12 Value

This is a mild formula with abundant foams and it works to cleanse away all of your skin impurities.  This specifically targets large pores, troubled and sensitive skin and with various plant extracts such as green tea, mulberry and portulca extracts it also clean, soothe and deliver vitamins into your skin.

I don’t think I have ever used a skin cleanser with mulberry in the ingredients so I am excited to see how this works!


The Skin House Pore Control Powder Serum Full Size! $28 Value

This serum works immediately to tighten and minimize any large pores.  It will smooth and matte your skin texture and prevent oil and moisture imbalance by keeping your skin silky and soft!

I tried out a powder toner product in a previous Memebox, they are definitely different but I am also seeing improvements so this will be a great addition to my skincare routine!


Chamos Acaci Matte Pore Primer Full Size! $30 Value

This instantly absorbs into your skin and leaves a smooth, matte and velvety layer that smooths out large pores.  It will also even out your skintone and works to sterilize and disinfect the skin for a matted finish!

I haven’t opened this yet, I am still getting through another primer but this is next on my list, it’s pricey too so I am sure it will work great!


Aqua Beauty Pore Zero Blackhead Remover Full Size! $34 Value

This has a soft silicone massaging brush attached and uses all natural essence oil that easily and effectively removes blackheads and oil that are clogging up pores, it will leave your skin looking brighter and shinier!

I don’t think I have ever used a blackhead remover that uses a brush, it’s really soft and I am hoping it will work wonders around my nose!


Secret Key Blackout Pore Clean Remover Full Size! $38 Value

This is enriched with white clay and black charcoal and it works by reaching into your pores to clear out any blackheads and whiteheads that are clogged up, it will moisturize and tighten up your pores all at once!

I really like black clay in facial products they have a really positive effect on my skin, I don’t believe I have tried out white clay before so this will be interesting!


This box has a total value of $170 and I as always Memebox never slacks on full size products, you always get an amazing deal which will save you hundreds of dollars skincare products!

Again I will use everything in this box and the value speaks for itself!

What do you think of Memebox, what have been your favorites?


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Disclosure: Memebox kindly sent me a box to review, regardless all opinions stated are 100% my own.