Disclosure: I received product samples in return for a review. Regardless all opinions stated are 100% my own.
IMG_0273Moxy Girl Bath and Body specializes in beautiful, luxury scented bath and body products.  Everything is created by a licensed Esthetician and products are inspired by the finest spas all over the country!

Their product line includes handmade bath salts, body sprays, bubble bath, body lotion, kids hand puppets and more!  Most products are handmade to order, you can even choose your own scent and the strength you would like!


I received a few of their products to try out and the scents are gorgeous!  Everything seemed really fresh and the packaging was cute too!

Body Lotions

Amber Romance

The body lotions are custom made with over 50 scents to choose from! Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Silk Protein are just some of the luxurious ingredients used in this lotion.  It is non greasy and will leave your skin feeling smooth!

I can’t place my finger on the exact smell, it’s sort of musky, with some floral and soap scents.  it’s really nice and I think I received the strong scent because it lasted a while!

Secret Scent

Okay, so one of the bottle didn’t have the scent marked on it or maybe I just couldn’t see it, this one was also nice, I can quite put my finger on it though it reminds me a little of cologne but a womanly cologne?  Anyway, it smelled great!

Moonlight Path Body Lotion

This was probably my least favorite, mainly because it has a sort of scent my grandmother would love, that’s not a bad thing, Moxy Girl obviously has scents for all ages and preferences!

Plumeria Body Lotion

I have never smelled a plumeria before so I have no idea what one smells like, this DOES have a gorgeous floral scent and it was probably my favorite fragranced body lotion, It’s actually a really refreshing floral scent and smells beautiful!

Moxy Girl Love Spell Body Spray

This felt really refreshing and cool on my skin, it’s 100 degrees outside so I need products like this/  It smelled like citrus, nice but a little strong for me which doesn’t really matter because you can choose your own strength of scents.

Moxy Girl Bath and Body has some really awesome scented products!  I love the products I tried out, there moisturizers work extremely well!

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