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Achieving a healthy lifestyle can seem hard sometimes but really, it’s not it just takes willpower and a few things to help you throughout the day.

Meta Appetite Control is the #1 doctor recommended fiber brand with 100% natural psyllium fiber and that makes all the difference.

I picked up Meta Appetite Control a few weeks ago and have now been using Meta Appetite Control for around four weeks now as part of my daily routine and I want to share my experience with everyone.

First of all, I have been using it to help control my cravings throughout the day, I am the sort of person who has no problem eating healthy but snacking throughout the day and between meals is my total downfall and Meta Appetite Control is clinically proven to  reduce your appetite between meals.



Meta Appetite control is designed to make you feel less hungry between meals, for me the first day was the hardest.  I still wanted some chocolate but I used some willpower and decided not to eat any and see how it went.  The next day cravings were gone and I wasn’t hungry between meals after drinking some Meta Appetite Control.

It’s been a couple of weeks now, I have lost 7 pounds in the last 2 weeks and most of that is due to not snacking in between meals, so I can say that Meta Appetite Control works for me.


Meta Appetite Control is a powder and you have to mix it in with water, With every serving, the psyllium fiber in the powder thickens and forms a gel, which aids in the sensation of fullness. It tastes like Orange which is great for me since I love oranges, it’s easy to digest and doesn’t give me any type of side effects.  Overall if it tastes good it’s something I will enjoy drinking on a daily basis.

Ease of Use

If I am out the house it’s easy for me just to make a drink to take with me or if you work outside the house you could easily fit Meta Appetite Control in a large handbag, the size is pretty convenient and you won’t need to switch up your day to worry about going home to drink it.


Overall Meta Appetite has been a success for me,  I have beaten cravings and since I drink it in the morning and afternoon cravings are no longer a problem for me anymore.  I love the product and it has helped aid in my own personal weight loss journey, I am going to continue using Meta Appetite Control and I fully recommend it!


Meta Appetite Control is proven to help you feel less hungry between meals and is available NOW, nationwide in the digestive wellness aisle at Walgreens.

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