Of all the dental treatments available, root canal treatment has an undeserved reputation for being extremely painful and complex. In fact, root canal treatment can drastically reduce pain that is caused by an infected abscess, and is no more painful than a regular filling. For those who would like to know the truth about root canal treatment, here are a few of the common myths associated with the treatment.

  • Root Canal Treatment is Painful – The people who tell you this have obviously never had the treatment themselves, as if they had, they would know it is no more painful than a regular filling. Local anaesthetic would be injected into the affected area, and then the work can be carried out without any pain. If you think you might need root canal treatment, and are looking for a good Gold Coast dentist, there are established clinics that happen to specialise in this treatment.


  • Root Canal Treatment Causes Disease – Some websites mistakenly state that root canal treatment could be responsible for a person contracting a disease at a later date, and despite extensive research, there is no evidence to support this claim. This myth has its foundations in some misguided research in the 1920s that claimed root canal treatment compromises the immune system, and if that were the case, there would already be compelling evidence to support the theory, yet as of today, there is none. There are helpful articles on root canal treatment that discuss the myth associated with this treatment.


  • Tooth Extraction is Better than Root Canal Treatment – This is most certainly a myth, as it is obviously better to save the tooth and fit a crown. Tooth extraction has other implications, as a gap can lead to the teeth on either side loosening over time, but if the root is filled, the foundations for your other teeth are not compromised in any way. If the treatment is carried out correctly, a root canal can last a lifetime, and if the tooth root is healthy, it makes sense to retain it by having root canal treatment.


Root canal treatment can be very effective if the tooth is mildly decayed, and is a much more favourable alternative than extraction, and with modern dentistry, the treatment is painless and would be more cost effective than any other form of treatment. Dentists will always make the patient aware of all of the options for any problem, and very often, root canal treatment comes out on top.

If your dentist recommends root canal treatment, don’t think it is a painful and unnecessary treatment, and if a professional recommends it, then it really must be the right treatment. If the tooth can be saved with a root canal treatment, then this is a much preferred alternative to extraction, and in a majority of cases, is the ideal treatment for a range of tooth and gum issues.