You may have heard the “Netflix and Chill” phrase going around, well most of us know what that is supposed to mean.  In our house it means family time, sitting around the TV, eating popcorn, watching some movies with the kids and have a movie marathon on new series and re-watching old ones!


My son and daughter are quite the little Netflix addicts!  Dylan always finds new things to watch and Sophia loves all the mickey mouse stuff and pretty much anything cute.

When the kids are asleep, my husband and I ususally binge out on some popcorn and start on a new series that we haven’t yet watched, this usually ends up with us watching Netflix for nights on end as we all know, Netflix is addictive and so are new and exciting shows.

I have also been seeing a lot of celebrities that I used to admire when I was younger, they are all grown up now and it’s pretty cool to see how actors grow and how differently they perform as adults, rather than in kids TV shows, Hannah Montana for example, well she’s certainly changed a lot.

A Fuller House is launching on February 26th, it’s something that will more than likely appeal to all ages and will make a great show for the whole family!

Whilst you are waiting, check out these shows that are great for the whole family!